Web Real-Time Communications Working Group


As defined in its charter, the mission of the Web Real-Time Communications Working Group, created in May 2011, is to define client-side APIs to enable Real-Time Communications in Web browsers.


The current roadmap of the group is delayed compared to the proposed schedule in the charter. The updated schedule (where agreed) is detailed below.

WebRTC 1.0: Real-time Communication Between Browsers

Media Capture and Streams (getUserMedia)

(as part of the Media Capture Task Force).

MediaStream Recording

(as part of the Media Capture Task Force)

This document specifies how to record content from a media stream into a file.

MediaStream Image Capture

(as part of the Media Capture Task Force)

This document specifies how to capture images from a MediaStream obtained via getUserMedia.

Media Capture Depth Stream Extensions

(as part of the Media Capture Task Force).

An extension to Media Capture and Streams to allow capture from 3D cameras.

HTMLMediaElement extension: MediaStream generation

An extension to HTML’s HTMLMediaElement to allow generating a MediaStream from an existing audio or video element.

Audio output API

An extension to HTML’s HTMLMediaElement to allow to redirect the audio output to a specific audio output device.

Identifiers for WebRTC's Statistics API

Access to statistical information about a PeerConnection.

MediaStream Capture Scenarios

(as part of the Media Capture Task Force)

This non-normative document will end as a Working Group Note.

Documents and Logistics

The Web Real-Time Communications Working Group's wiki documents ongoing works, draft documents and other working materials and logistics information.


If you are employed by a W3C Member and want to join this group, please ask your Advisory Committee Representative to nominate you to the group as explained in the relevant instructions.

If you are not employed by W3C Member and have specific expertise to bring to this group, the said instructions explain how to get Invited Expert status.

See the list of current participants.


The main communication channel for this group is the publicly archived mailing-list <public-webrtc@w3.org>.

We track open bugs on our specs using the WebRTC Working product on the W3C Bugzilla.

The joint Media Capture Task Force with the Device APIs Working Group, working on the definition of the getUserMedia() API, uses the publicly archived mailing list <public-media-capture@w3.org>.

Member-confidential messages and logistical discussions can be addressed to the member-only archived mailing-list <member-webrtc@w3.org>.

Useful Documents

Some documents of interest to participants in the Working Group:


The group meets once every 2-3 week on the phone. Please check the mailing-list for logistics information.

The next F2F meeting will be on Thursday-Friday Oct 30-31 2014 during W3C TPAC week.

Minutes: May 21 2014 F2F, May 20 2014 F2F, Apr 28 2014, Dec 19 2013, Nov 12 2013 F2F, Nov 11 2013 F2F, Sep 3 2013, June 5 2013 (Promises), Feb 7 2013 F2F, Jan 10 2013, Dec 13 2012, Oct 30 2012 F2F, Oct 29 2012 F2F, Sep 17 2012, Aug 28 2012, June 11 2012 F2F, April 10 teleconf (draft), March 13 2012 teleconf, Feb 1 2012 F2F, 15 Dec 2011 teleconf, Nov 1 2011 F2F, Oct 31 2011 F2F, Oct 5 2011 teleconf, Aug 31 2011 teleconf, July 23 2011 F2F, July 12 2011 teleconf, May 19 2011 teleconf

The calls of the Media Capture task force are logged on the task force home page.

Past F2F in Shenzhen, China and Seattle, USA (Nov 11-12 2013)

Minutes November 11 Minutes November 12

Past F2F in Bedford, MA, USA (Feb 7 2013)

The group held its sixth F2F meeting on February 7 in Bedford, MA, USA, combined with a F2F meeting of the Media Capture Task Force and an interim meeting of the IETF RTCWeb and MMusic Working Groups: agenda, minutes.

Past F2F in Lyon, France (October 29-30 2012)

The group held its fifth F2F meeting on October 29-30 2012 in Lyon, France as part of TPAC: agenda, minutes day 1, minutes day 2.

Past F2F in Stockholm, Sweden (June 11 2012)

The group held its fourth F2F meeting on June 11 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden: agenda, minutes.

Past F2F in Mountain View, USA (Feb 1st 2012)

The group held its third F2F meeting on February 1st 2012 in Mountain View, USA: agenda, minutes.

Past F2F in Santa Clara, USA (Oct/Nov 2011)

The group held its second F2F meeting on Monday 31 October and Tuesday 1 November 2011 in Santa Clara, USA, during W3C TPAC 2011: agenda, Minutes day 1/2 and Minutes day 2/2, summary.

Past F2F in Quebec City, Canada (July 2011)

The group held its first F2F meeting on Saturday 23 July 2011, in Quebec City (Quebec City Convention Centre), Canada, co-located with the IETF 81 Meeting: agenda, minutes.

Patent Policy

This group operates under the W3C Patent Policy — see its Patent Policy status for more details.