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The mission of the Media and Entertainment Interest Group, formerly known as the Web and TV Interest Group, is to provide a forum for media-related technical discussions to track progress of media features on the Web within W3C groups and use of Web technologies by external organizations, and to identify use cases and requirements that existing and/or new specifications need to meet to achieve a tighter support of media services on the Web.

See also the Media and Entertainment Interest Group Charter.


The list of W3C Member Organizations who participate in the Media and Entertainment Interest Group is available through the Media and Entertainment Interest Group Patent Policy Status page. See also the list of particpants involved in the group.

The co-Chairs of the Media and Entertainment Interest Group are:

  • Tatsuya Igarashi — Sony
  • Chris Needham — BBC
  • Christopher Lorenzo — Comcast

The W3C Team Contact for the group is:

Documents and Logistics

The group's wiki documents task forces, ongoing works, draft documents and other working materials and logistics information for the group.

The group also uses GitHub to track issues and contributions.

Joining the group

Who should participate in this group?

The Media and Entertainment Interest Group encourages active participation from a diverse community. You should consider participating in this Interest Group, in particular if you are in one of the following communities:

  • Vendors of Web Browsers which have TV related capability
  • TV broadcasters and TV service providers
  • TV and set-top boxes manufacturers
  • Companies that own solutions for the development of broadcasting, Web+TV and integration of them
  • Companies seeking to exploit integration of broadcasting and Web technologies
  • Software vendors or open source projects that currently offer XML-based languages for the description of handling broadcasting, or customers of those languages
  • Government organizations seeking to standardize the integration of broadcasting and Web technologies
  • Academic researchers with an interest in smarter integration of Web technologies, broadcasting and non-PC devices

How to join the group as an official participant

If you're affiliated with a W3C Member organization:

  1. (If you don't have any W3C Member account) Use the account request form and get a W3C account,
  2. (If your organization has not yet joined the group) Ask your AC Representative (Member-only) to join the group using the join form,
  3. And then ask your AC Representative (Member-only) to nominate you as an official participant using the nomination form.

When you have joined the group, you will also be automatically subscribed to the group's Member-only mailing list. See the Instructions for joining the Media and Entertainment Interest Group for the details of the participation procedure.

If you do not work for a W3C Member organization, please first consider whether your employer can join W3C and get the benefits of Membership.

If that is not an option and you think that you have the expertise and availability to participate, please contact the W3C Staff Contact, Kaz Ashimura.



As the Media and Entertainment IG Charter says, this group primarily conducts its technical work on the public mailing list at <> (archive). To join the list, see W3C mailing list and archive usage guidelines and send an email with a subject of "subscribe" to <>.

There is also a W3C Member-only list at <> (archive), that is used for administrative purposes (f2f meeting planning, telephone conference agenda, etc.) and may be used for sharing sensitive information if needed.

Typically, participation in Face-to-face meetings and telephone conferences is open just to W3C Members and Invited Experts.

Other Tools

The Media and Entertainment Interest Group uses the following tools:

(read: public, write: official group participants)
Describes task forces, ongoing works, draft documents produced by the group and other working material.
(read: public, write: official group participants & GitHub account holders)
Public bug, project and issue Tracking Service

Kaz Ashimura, Media and Entertainment Interest Group Team Contact
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