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W3C Members show their support for standards and for W3C through a variety of means, including participation in groups, sponsorship of events, chairing groups, and implementing specifications. This page lists testimonials from Members that give a view into the broad range of organizations leading the development of Web Standards.

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51Degrees provides a one-stop-shop for real-time data services, with open source APIs for device detection, geolocation, and more. We are members of W3C to protect the vision of One Web for the sake of users and organizations all around the world.

51Degrees's Website


accessiBe aims to make the entire internet accessible to people with disabilities by 2025. With the help of AI, the notion of an accessible internet is a practical and attainable reality and not just a distant dream.

accessiBe's Website

Accessibility Foundation

The Accessibility Foundation is an expertise center providing information, research, Web evaluation and training in the field of accessibility of Web sites and Web applications to companies and governments. We are committed to the development of Web accessibility standards at W3C.

Accessibility Foundation's Website

ADA Site Compliance

ADA Site Compliance is founded on the principles to make the digital world a better and more inclusive place for all. Our team of ADA web accessibility and compliance experts partner with clients to develop, remediate, and maintain multimedia assets.

ADA Site Compliance's Website


Adobe revolutionizes how the world engages with ideas and information - anytime, anywhere and through any medium. As a leading provider of best-in-class Web technologies, Adobe actively supports the development of W3C standards promoting global interoperability.

Adobe's Website

Agency for Digitisation

Agency for Digitisation's Website

Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale

Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale's Website


Agora.io is on a mission to change the way the world communicates. We developed the industry-leading real-time communication framework that serves over 10 billion minutes a month of real-time video, audio, and live interactive broadcasting. To date, we have over 500 million SDK installs and empower users in over 100 countries around the globe.

Agora.io's Website

Akamai Technologies

Akamai’s mission is to make digital experiences fast, intelligent and secure. Our intelligent edge platform surrounds everything, from the enterprise to the cloud. It keeps apps and experiences closer to users — and attacks and threats far away.

Akamai Technologies's Website

AKEA Web Solutions, LLC

AKEA Web Solutions, LLC's Website

Altova GmbH

Altova accelerates development and integration projects with software solutions that enhance productivity and maximize results. Altova is an active member of the W3C and is committed to delivering standards-based platform-independent development solutions that are powerful, affordable, and easy to use.

Altova GmbH's Website

American Express Company

American Express Company's Website

American Printing House for the Blind, Inc.

American Printing House for the Blind, Inc.'s Website

AnzoGraph by Cambridge Semantics

AnzoGraph by Cambridge Semantics's Website

Apache Software Foundation

Apache Software Foundation's Website

Arizona State University

Arizona State University's Website

Arkose Labs, Inc.

Arkose Labs creates greater trust in online identities by bankrupting the business model of fraud. We are committed to striking a balance between usability and security and are excited to join W3C conversations on topics such as accessibility, data privacy, and more.

Arkose Labs, Inc.'s Website

Australian National University

Australian National University's Website

Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza

Among his commitments: Providing access to the highest number of people, regardless their personal limitations linked to their surrounding environment. Management System, certified by AENOR is based on the accomplishment of the W3c's standards and technology. Municipal Website Office.

Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza's Website

BarrierBreak Technologies

Accessibility is key to create an inclusive society. It is imperative to meet this goal and W3C is helping us meet this goal in India and globally. At BarrierBreak, we are committed to digital accessibility and the role that W3C is plays in implementing this at a global level.

BarrierBreak Technologies's Website

Basque Government - Irekia

Basque Government - Irekia's Website

Beijing Haitai Fangyuan Technologies Co,.Ltd.

Beijing Haitai Fangyuan Technologies Co,.Ltd.'s Website


Benetech is a proud member of the W3C, collaborating to build standards that support the creation of born accessible solutions. Benetech’s commitment to digital accessibility is the cornerstone of our global Bookshare initiative, and our Global Certified Accessible program verifies EPUB accessibility to help publishers build accessible ebooks.

Benetech's Website

Blink Ledger Systems Inc.

Blink Ledger Systems Inc.'s Website

Book Industry Study Group

Book Industry Study Group's Website


Brickdoc is an open-source no-code development platform and collaboration tool designed for civil developers. By integrating collaboration documentation, RPA and cloud event bus functionality, it blurs the boundaries between documentation and software, giving users the ability to automate part of their work without writing any code. Brickdoc has a

Brickdoc's Website

British Broadcasting Corporation

The BBC is the world's largest broadcasting organisation whose mission is to enrich people's lives with programmes that inform, educate and entertain. It is a public service broadcaster, established by a Royal Charter and funded by UK households.

British Broadcasting Corporation's Website

Bureau of Internet Accessibility

BoIA has been helping eliminate the digital divide since 2001. We partner with our clients, working as the accessibility and WCAG 2.0 A/AA expert on their team to help them succeed in reaching and maintaining ADA compliance for their multimedia presence.

Bureau of Internet Accessibility's Website

Cable Television Laboratories Inc

Cable Television Laboratories Inc's Website


CafeMedia manages digital advertising sales + technology for 3,000+ independent publishers. Ranked as the 10th largest digital property, we reach nearly 175M UVPM in the U.S. alone. We work with W3C to ensure the future of web advertising serves independent publishers, and the consumers who rely on the content they produce.

CafeMedia's Website

Cambium Assessment, Inc.

Cambium Assessment, Inc.'s Website

Capital One Financial

Capital One Financial's Website

Center for Democracy and Technology

Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) works to promote democratic values by shaping technology policy and architecture, with a focus on the rights of the individual. CDT participates in standards development organizations like the W3C to champion user-centric, human rights-based values in developing the Internet’s underlying infrastructure.

Center for Democracy and Technology's Website

Centre For Accessibility Australia

Centre For Accessibility Australia's Website

Centre for Inclusive Design

Centre for Inclusive Design is a not for profit working with organisations to harness the experience of exclusion to create products, services and experiences that are accessible, and useful for, as many people as possible. We are proud to host the W3C Australia Eastern region Chapter, connecting members here Australia and promoting W3C standards.

Centre for Inclusive Design's Website

China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT)

China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT)'s Website

China Electronics Standardization Institute(中国电子技术标准化研究院)

China Electronics Standardization Institute(中国电子技术标准化研究院)'s Website

China Mobile Communications Corporation

China Mobile Communications Corporation's Website

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Chinese Academy of Sciences's Website

codeMantra U.S. LLC

codemantra, a global IDP leader, specializes in digital document accessibility compliance; capture, classification, and extraction of unstructured data; and document transformation into any output format. As a W3C Member, codemantra supports the development of standards promoting accessibility and educational outreach.

codeMantra U.S. LLC's Website

Coil Technologies, Inc.

Coil Technologies, Inc.'s Website

Common Approach to Impact Measurement

The Common Approach to Impact Measurement is working towards better impact measurement for social purpose organizations. At the W3C, we are keen to advance topics such as impact measurement and data ontologies, interoperability, ethics and governance, with a view to also publishing our own Common Impact Data Standard with the community.

Common Approach to Impact Measurement's Website


ConsenSys is a leading Ethereum and decentralized protocols software company. We enable developers, enterprises and users worldwide to build and use the decentralized web for modern applications and decentralised finance. Our product suite is composed of MetaMask, Infura, Quorum, Codefi, Truffle, Diligence and our NFT platform.

ConsenSys's Website

Crawford Technologies

Crawford Technologies helps businesses and governments of all sizes build a culture of inclusivity by providing the necessary software and services tailored to meet their document accessibility needs. Being a W3C member enables us to support the mission of W3C, stay informed and contribute to the development of emerging accessibility web standards.

Crawford Technologies's Website

Crossword Cybersecurity

Crossword Cybersecurity's Website

Danube Tech GmbH

Commitment to the open W3C standardization work around Decentralized Identifiers and Verifiable Credentials is essential for Danube Tech's business objectives, as well as important for humanity and the web as a whole.

Danube Tech GmbH's Website

DappWorks Technology Inc.

DappWorks Technology Inc.'s Website

Data Society Alliance

Data Society Alliance's Website

Defense Information Systems Agency

Defense Information Systems Agency's Website

Dentsu Group Inc.

Dentsu admires fully W3C's vision "One Web, Web for All". We would like to contribute to the W3C with Dentsu's capabilities and experiences and our network of people, and to collaborate with top-level web engineers in the W3C to make a better web information space a reality for the future.

Dentsu Group Inc.'s Website

Department of Human Services

Department of Human Services's Website

Department of Information Technology, Government of India

Department of Information Technology, Government of India's Website

Deque Systems, Inc.

At Deque, digital accessibility is our mission and our passion. As a leading supplier of digital accessibility software and solutions, Deque actively supports and participates in the W3C and its ongoing efforts to shape and establish standards for digital inclusion.

Deque Systems, Inc.'s Website

Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (DNB)

The German National Library is Germany's central archival library. We collect, document and archive all publications and sound recordings issued in Germany since 1913 together with works that were compiled in the German language or relate to Germany.

Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (DNB)'s Website

DigiCert SSL Certificate Authority

DigiCert® strongly supports W3C and its ongoing efforts to shape and establish standards and technologies that not only improve the usability of the Web but innovate. DigiCert® is a leading Webtrust Certified CA, providing High-Assurance SSL Certificates.

DigiCert SSL Certificate Authority's Website


Digita's ambition is to let people exchange data without concerns using the Solid standard. Our product, use.id, is an end-to-end implementation of the Solid specification.

Digita's Website

Digital Bazaar

W3C is the broadest, most open, and most effective venue we have found for engaging with industry on next-generation privacy-preserving technologies for individuals and organizations. The work on the Web, Verifiable Credentials, and Decentralized Identifiers, as well as access to the brightest minds, is what draws us to do our work at W3C.

Digital Bazaar's Website

Digital Contract Design

Digital Contract Design's Website

Digital Publishers Federation of Japan

Digital Publishers Federation of Japan's Website

Digital Transformation Agency

Digital Transformation Agency's Website

Discover Financial Services LLC

Discover Financial Services LLC's Website

Dreamlab Technologies AG

Dreamlab Technologies AG's Website

Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI)

Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI)'s Website

Earth Science Data Systems Program

Earth Science Data Systems Program's Website

Ecole Mohammadia d'Ingenieurs Rabat (EMI)

Located in Rabat Morocco, Ecole Mohammadia d'Ingénieurs was founded in 1958 and is the leading engineers school in Morocco. It is also known by its research and doctoral studies. EMI also hosts the Morocco Chapter, which promotes the adoption of Web standards throughout the country. Contact The Mohammadia School of Engineers.

Ecole Mohammadia d'Ingenieurs Rabat (EMI)'s Website

Ecole Superieure Polytechnique de Dakar

Ecole Superieure Polytechnique de Dakar's Website


EDRLab is a non-profit organization focused on the deployment of open, interoperable and accessible digital publishing technologies. EDRLab is participating to the evolution of EPUB 3, of the W3C Audiobooks standard, and incubates Divina, a future standard format for digital comics.

EDRLab's Website

Educational Testing Service

Educational Testing Service's Website

Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI)

Established in 1976, ETRI is a non-profit government-funded research organization in Korea. ETRI has successfully developed information technologies on the Web such as ezOWL (visual Editor of OWL), and ETRI is committed to use W3C Technologies in its developments. ETRI is also the home of the W3C Korean Chapter.

Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI)'s Website


Entersekt’s vision is to make the digital world a safer, more user-friendly place to live and do business. As a leading provider of strong device identity and user authentication, we work with the W3C to help drive innovation in the areas of digital identity, data privacy, and secure payments.

Entersekt's Website


Founded in 1876, Ericsson is the largest supplier of mobile communications systems in the world. Supporting all major standards for wireless communication, Ericsson is committed to the use and development of W3C Recommendations to continue mobilizing the World Wide Web.

ERICSSON's Website

Ethereum Foundation

The Ethereum Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Ethereum and related technologies. Our mission is to do what is best for Ethereum’s long-term success. Our role is to allocate resources to critical projects, to be a valued voice within the Ethereum ecosystem, and to advocate for Ethereum to the outside world.

Ethereum Foundation's Website

Evident Point Software

As a leading provider of commercial eReading software solutions and one of major contributors to Readium Open Source development, Evident Point is excited to keep working on the advancement of EPUB 3 and Open Web standards as a W3C member.

Evident Point Software's Website

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis's Website


FinanzNachrichten.de is part of the Wallstreet-Online.de group and the leading German speaking finance website for financial news about shares, stock markets and economy. FinanzNachrichten.de as W3C member wants to take an active role in the further development of user friendly platform technologies for online media.

FinanzNachrichten.de's Website


Established in 2018, FLUX Inc. is the leading marketing & advertising technology provider in Japan, with over 500+ publishers, newspapers, and magazines on board. At W3C, we want to explore the possibilities of the WEB and define how people will interact with websites in the future, especially in areas like web advertising and browser APIs.

FLUX Inc.'s Website

Fondazione LIA

Fondazione LIA is a no-profit organization fostering the creation of an accessible digital publishing ecosystem through research, training and consultancy activities. LIA is active in the W3C Publishing Business Group, EPUB 3 Working Group, Publishing Community Group

Fondazione LIA's Website

Forschungszentrum Informatik (FZI)

Forschungszentrum Informatik (FZI)'s Website

Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH)

ICS-FORTH has an established tradition of internationally acknowledged excellence in conducting basic and applied research in the fields of information and telecommunications technologies. It represents Greece in ERCIM, and also hosts the W3C Greece Chapter.

Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH)'s Website

Fraunhofer Gesellschaft

Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is the largest organization for applied research in Europe. We transform original ideas into innovations that benefit society and strengthen both the German and the European economy. The Web is a key driver of our innovation process, and therefore we are committed to support W3C‘s work to lead the Web to its full potential.

Fraunhofer Gesellschaft's Website

Fujitsu Limited

Fujitsu is a leading provider of IT-based business solutions for the global marketplace. Fujitsu is actively promoting standardization of XML, electronic businesses, Web Services, and Cloud computing related technologies. It supports many W3C specifications in its products and services.

Fujitsu Limited's Website

Fundacion BiscayTIK - BiscayTIK Fundazioa

Fundacion BiscayTIK - BiscayTIK Fundazioa's Website

Fundacion CTIC

CTIC is a private non-profit Research and Technology Organization (RTO), specialized in the research and development of cutting-edge and emerging technologies. Artificial Intelligence, Web of Things, Immersive Technologies, W3C Standards and Open Data, Blockchain and Quantum Computing are the main fields of specialization of the Center.

Fundacion CTIC's Website

Future Technology Laboratories Inc.

Future Technology Laboratories Inc.'s Website

Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

Futurewei Technologies, Inc.'s Website


Geonovum is the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) executive committee in the Netherlands. At W3C we devote ourselves to unlocking the power of spatial data by bridging the gap between OGC’s spatial standards and W3C webstandards.

Geonovum's Website

German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) Gmbh

DFKI is one of the largest nonprofit contract research institutes worldwide in the field of innovative software technology based on Artificial Intelligence methods. DFKI is committed to the use of W3C standards in research and development.

German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) Gmbh's Website

Global Teams Internacional Latinoamerica

Global Teams Internacional Latinoamerica's Website

Glocal Quality Solutions

The Glocal Quality Solutions team is made of accessibility, localization and functionality professionals with many years of experience. Our goal is to help our clients achieve success by breaking down accessibility, language and functionality barriers.

Glocal Quality Solutions's Website

Gobierno del Principado de Asturias

Gobierno del Principado de Asturias's Website

Google LLC

Google's mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Google LLC's Website

Government Technology Agency

Government Technology Agency's Website

HAN University of Applied Science

HAN University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. It offers bachelor and master degree programs to over 36,000 students. HAN supports companies and institutions with innovation through its research groups in various fields.

HAN University of Applied Science's Website

Hangzhou Qulian Technology Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Qulian Technology Co., Ltd.'s Website

Hilfsgemeinschaft der Blinden und Sehschwachen Österreichs

The Hilfsgemeinschaft – the Austrian Association in support of the blind and visually impaired is an independent NPO founded in 1935. With more than 4.600 members, it is Austria’s oldest and largest self-help organisation to improve the conditions and standards of living of Persons with Disabilities. We are here to support the work of W3C/WAI

Hilfsgemeinschaft der Blinden und Sehschwachen Österreichs's Website

Hitachi, Ltd.

Hitachi has long experience in both OT(operational technology) and IT. Towards the IoT era, this is something to be proud of. Hitachi understands the importance of standardization to make the world seamlessly connected, and strongly supports W3C's activities.

Hitachi, Ltd.'s Website

Hochschulbibliothekszentrum des Landes NRW

The North Rhine-Westphalian Library Service Centre (hbz) is a central service and development institution for university libraries in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. We are committed to establishing an open data infrastructure for libraries and actively participate in the development of open source software and open standards.

Hochschulbibliothekszentrum des Landes NRW's Website


Holopin is a developer-focused digital badge platform that lets organizations issue sticker-like digital credentials. We have a strong focus on website integrations, and prioritize accessibility in our badge standards. As a W3C Member, Holopin is committed to building accessible, interoperable tools that enhance learning & recognition experience.

Holopin's Website

Hong Kong Blind Union

Hong Kong Blind Union's Website

IAB Technology Laboratory, Inc.

IAB Technology Laboratory, Inc.'s Website

IBM Corporation

IBM is a leading open hybrid cloud platform and cognitive solutions company, and one of the largest technology and consulting employers in the world. IBM is proud to support the W3C and the important role it plays in the development of the Web.

IBM Corporation's Website


Dedicated to open source and the open web since 2001, Igalia works with the W3C to both create and implement the next generation of web standards. We believe that open specifications like those that the W3C produces are vital to a free and egalitarian web.

Igalia's Website

Imec vzw

Flanders research institute imec (www.imec.be) is devoted to Open Standards and Open Source since we joined the W3C Consortium back in 2000. Since then, a.o., we’ve been leading & contributing to the Media Fragments, Provenance, SOLID, and Knowledge Construction WGs.

Imec vzw's Website

Informatie Vlaanderen

Informatie Vlaanderen's Website

INSIGHT - The Centre for Data Analytics

INSIGHT - The Centre for Data Analytics's Website

Institut Mines-Télécom

Institut Mines-Télécom's Website

Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique (Inria)

Inria is a founding member of W3C. Inria is the french national research institute dedicated to digital sciences, addressing scientific and technological challenges in IT and playing an active role in technology transfer. Inria was also the European host of W3C until 2002 and actively contributes to W3C groups and activities.

Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique (Inria)'s Website

Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica

Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica's Website

Inswave Systems Co., Ltd.

Inswave Systems Co., Ltd. is a software company that develops web standard based HTML5 UI platform. We support for W3C and in the path of making a better world of web standard by supporting freedom of web application and accessibility.

Inswave Systems Co., Ltd.'s Website

Interledger Foundation

Interledger Foundation's Website

Internet Academy

Internet Academy has provided practical and intensive Web development courses based on solid fundamentals since 1995. As a leading school of Web technologies, Internet Academy supports W3C, especially developer relations activities, and spreads the Web around the world.

Internet Academy's Website

Internet Research Institute, Inc.

Internet Research Institute, Inc.'s Website

ISO 20022 Registration Authority

ISO 20022 Registration Authority's Website

Japan Registry Services Co., Ltd.

Japan Registry Services Co., Ltd.'s Website



Jiangsu PayEgis Co., Ltd

Jiangsu PayEgis Co., Ltd's Website

Johns Hopkins Institute for Clinical and Translational Research

Johns Hopkins Institute for Clinical and Translational Research's Website

Kadokawa Corporation

KADOKAWA group has expanded its business, revamping business categories with the changing times, since foundation. We create a variety of Intellectual Property (IP), including books, movies, animations etc., and sell them worldwide, to develop our own global media mix strategy.

Kadokawa Corporation's Website

Keeper Security Inc.

Keeper Security (https://keepersecurity.com) is the creator of the leading cybersecurity platform for preventing password-related data breaches and cyberthreats. We are excited to work with the W3C to drive standards to protect the privacy and security of users.

Keeper Security Inc.'s Website

King's College London

King’s College London is multi-faculty research-led institution & one of the top 10 UK universities in the world. King’s enjoys a rich legacy of excellence in computer science: Charles Babbage first demonstrated his prototype analytical engine, generally considered the first computer, at King’s in the 1840s.

King's College London's Website

Kodansha, Publishers, Ltd.

We, Kodansha, are one of the biggest publishing company in Japan. Our goal is find, incubate and distribute talented people and their various content to all over the world.

Kodansha, Publishers, Ltd.'s Website

Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI)

KETI is a leading R&D institute specializing in electronics and IT under the Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. KETI has led the growth of small and midsize Korean enterprises in the high-tech industry. We remain committed to growing together with companies in the global market, focusing on more real-world applications beyond the lab.

Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI)'s Website

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's Website

Learning Machine, Inc.

Learning Machine, Inc.'s Website

Legendary Requirements

Legendary Requirements's Website

Legible Media Inc.

As a values-based organization and with our Literacy+ initiatives, Legible believes we can be a force of good in the world. We are committed to furthering the work of the W3C by partnering with this community to build a digital reading and publishing future that is accessible, beautiful, equitable, and sustainable.

Legible Media Inc.'s Website

Level Access

At Level Access (formerly SSB BART Group), we believe that full and equitable access to technology is a human right. Through our working group involvement in accessibility standards and our products and services, we empower organizations to create accessible & inclusive digital experiences that increase equity for people with disabilities.

Level Access's Website

Loongson Technology Corporation Limited

Loongson is a general processor design company. The main products include small CPU for special field, medium CPU for industrial control, big CPU for desktop and server applications. Loongson will focus on WebAssembly, Media, WebGPU, Web Platform Testing, Browser Testing Tools, etc.

Loongson Technology Corporation Limited's Website

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Los Alamos National Laboratory's Website

Mada Center, Qatar

Mada Center aims at promoting digital inclusion and enhancing ICT accessibility. As the Center of Excellence in digital access in Arabic and an active member of W3C, Mada is leading the translation of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) into Arabic.

Mada Center, Qatar's Website

Mastercard Incorporated

Mastercard Incorporated's Website

Mavennet Systems Inc.

Mavennet Systems Inc.'s Website

Mediavine, Inc

Mediavine provides world-class ad technology, publishing tools and full-service ad management worldwide, representing and monetizing nearly 9,000 publisher websites. Mediavine joined W3C with a goal to provide the important perspective of small site owners and publishers in the the conversation about the future of the web.

Mediavine, Inc's Website

Memect Technology Co. Ltd. 北京文因互联科技有限公司

Memect Technology Co. Ltd. 北京文因互联科技有限公司's Website

Merchant Advisory Group

Merchant Advisory Group's Website


mesur.io is focused on solving the issues that impact our global food supply, health, and shared natural resources through the use of applied machine learning. To ensure that our solutions can reach everyone equally, we are firmly committed to the development of open standards at W3C.

mesur.io's Website

Method Media Intelligence

Method Media Intelligence's Website

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation's Website

Ministerio de Hacienda y Administraciones Públicas

Ministerio de Hacienda y Administraciones Públicas's Website

Ministry of Digital Affairs, Taiwan

The Ministry of Digital Affairs(moda), responsible for driving Taiwan’s digital development, will connect citizens and technology, improve industry and security, fulfill the goal of a smart country, and continue to lead the world via the Taiwan model. As a member of W3C, we are committed to working with all stakeholders, especially around decentral

Ministry of Digital Affairs, Taiwan's Website

MITRE Corporation

A nonprofit public interest organization, MITRE works with the US government to apply systems engineering and advanced technology to issues of critical national importance. One of the W3C's founding Members, MITRE is strongly committed to open, vendor-neutral Web standards.

MITRE Corporation's Website

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation's Website

Mitsue-Links Co., Ltd.

Mitsue-Links, leading client's businesses to sustainable development, is one of Japan's leading communication design companies.

Mitsue-Links Co., Ltd.'s Website


Monotype enables creative minds to build and express authentic brands through design, technology and expertise, helping users communicate their brand identities both via traditional media and on the web using W3C technologies.

Monotype's Website

Nanjing Disanji Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd.

As a leading domestic blockchain technology and software application product development company, Disanji with full-service capabilities is the world's leading blockchain solution provider, including various blockchain technology research and development for various government departments and institutions.

Nanjing Disanji Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd.'s Website

Nanjing Institute of digital Financial Industry Co.Ltd

Nanjing Institute of digital Financial Industry Co.Ltd's Website

National Association of Broadcasters

National Association of Broadcasters's Website

National Federation of the Blind

National Federation of the Blind's Website

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

NIST, a world-class research and technology laboratory within the U.S Department of Commerce, supports industry by developing measurements and standards. NIST is working with the W3C to develop conformance tests to ensure the quality of software and conformance to standards.

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)'s Website

National Network for Equitable Library Service

National Network for Equitable Library Service's Website

Natural Resources Canada

Natural Resources Canada - Ressources naturelles Canada

Natural Resources Canada's Website

Navy Federal Credit Union

Navy Federal Credit Union is a member-owned and not-for-profit credit union serving the military, veterans and their families. Through membership with the W3C, we aim to advocate open and inclusive digital standards throughout the Web.

Navy Federal Credit Union's Website

NEC Corporation

NEC Corporation is a leader in the integration of IT and network technologies. We provide combinations of products and solutions that benefit businesses and people around the world. We support the W3C's open, consensus-driven process and cutting-edge technology standards.

NEC Corporation's Website

Newgen Knowledgeworks

Newgen strives to redefine publishing with best-in-class technology and years of expertise. We acknowledge the significance of standardization and adhere to the specified norms to create inclusive and accessible content for everyone. Newgen whole-heartedly supports W3C’s vision and initiatives.

Newgen Knowledgeworks's Website

Newphoria Corporation

Newphoria Corporation's Website

NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

NHK, Nippon Hoso Kyokai (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), is Japan's only public broadcaster. NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories (NHK STRL) is the research institute of NHK and has been leading the research and development of broadcast technologies since 1930.

NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)'s Website

NIC.br - Brazilian Network Information Center

NIC.br - Brazilian Network Information Center's Website

Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp. (NTT)

Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp. (NTT)'s Website

Norwegian Library of Talking Books and Braille

Norwegian Library of Talking Books and Braille's Website

Object Management Group, Inc. (OMG)

Object Management Group, Inc. (OMG)'s Website

OCLC (Online Computer Library Center, Inc.)

OCLC (Online Computer Library Center, Inc.)'s Website

Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China

Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China's Website

Ontology Foundation Ltd.

Ontology Foundation Ltd.'s Website


Ontotext is a global leader in enterprise knowledge graph technology and developer of GraphDB - an enterprise-ready semantic database engine. We combine data and content together in big knowledge graphs to allow better interlinking, interpreting, analyzing and reuse.

Ontotext's Website

Open Geospatial Consortium

With location at the heart of every decision, it's more important than ever to collaborate across industries. OGC is proud to partner with W3C to ensure that location (spatial) data is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR).

Open Geospatial Consortium's Website

OpenLink Software Inc.

OpenLink Software Inc.'s Website

OpenX Technologies Inc

OpenX Technologies Inc's Website

Oracle Corporation

Oracle is committed to preserving the open standards-based philosophy that has made the World Wide Web so successful. We believe the W3C's open, consensus-driven process and associated rigorous public reviews make it uniquely positioned to guide the Web's technical evolution.

Oracle Corporation's Website


Peer5 solves the peak streaming problem for OTT services and large enterprises. We operate a WebRTC-based peer-to-peer CDN that enables infinite video delivery.

Peer5's Website

Pharos Labs, Inc.

Pharos Labs, Inc, an operator of Cratos project, is a blockchain-based software company that develops Decentralized Identity technology with support for W3C and DID groups. We strive to revolutionize the current voting system for national elections by partnering with W3C community.

Pharos Labs, Inc.'s Website


Pluto’s purpose is to help humanity transcend physical location. Pluto is a communications service that allows people to communicate and interact as if they are in person. Pluto is participating in Accessibility, WebXR and WebRTC Web Real-Time Communications Working Groups.

Pluto's Website

Polskie Badania Internetu Sp z o.o.

Polskie Badania Internetu Sp z o.o.'s Website

Preset Computing

Preset is a cloud-based computer solution for businesses. We develop cloud computing and low latency video streaming technologies. For this we participate in working groups mainly on GPU for the web and real-time communications like WebRTC.

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Pundi X

We believe the next internet revolution will be driven by the blockchain technology. W3C is an important place gathering great minds from leading companies and individuals, contributing a better web development. At Pundi X, we aim to contribute efforts and share our experience, working together with the W3C follow members to make it happen.

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Purple Mountain Laboratories

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Rakuten Group, Inc.

Rakuten Group, Inc. (TSE: 4755) is a global leader in internet services that empower individuals, communities, businesses and society. Founded in Tokyo in 1997 as an online marketplace, Rakuten has expanded to offer services in e-commerce, fintech, digital content and communications to approximately 1.6 billion members around the world.

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Recording Industry Association of America

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Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland

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RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB

SICS (Swedish Institute of Computer Science) promotes the uptake of Web standards through advanced IT research and development in collaboration with national and international industry, as well as with public sector organizations.

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Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB)

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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. is a global leader in semiconductor, telecommunication, digital media, and digital convergence technology. Samsung Electronics supports W3C recommendations in our products and continues to the explosion of Web technology in our business. Contact Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

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Santillana Global, S.L.

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Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming, and Drones

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Search Engine Optimization Inc

Since 1997, SEO Inc provides global internet marketing solutions including SEO, PPC, and social media management. SEO Inc proudly supports the W3C’s standards for server security, accessibility and complies with all W3C guidelines for XML, schema markup, and JSON-LD.

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Shanghai Bilibili Technology Co., Ltd.

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Sharing Economy Association of Korea (SEAK)

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Shenzhen Accessibility Research Association

The Accessibility Research Association (ARA), founded in 2005, Shenzhen, is the earliest professional organization dedicated to accessibility in China. In accelerating the process of China’s accessibility, ARA has pioneered in creating a one-step solution for accessibility that adapts to the domestic internet environment.

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Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology

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Simplifi Holdings Inc.

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Siteimprove is a SaaS solution that helps organizations achieve their digital potential by empowering teams with actionable insights to deliver a superior website experience and drive growth. Siteimprove has 550 employees across 13 offices, helping over 7,200 customers globally.

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Skynet Technologies

Skynet Technologies is an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013 certified full-service development company; delivering ecommerce, digital marketing, web accessibility (ADA, DDA, WCAG, 508), web/app development & maintenance. Our headquarter is in Independence (KY) & other offices are in Las Vegas (NV), Gainesville (FL), Melbourne (VIC) & Jamnagar (INDIA).

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Snake Nation

Snake Nation is a social media platform with a digital wallet & VNM, our Stellar based (XLM) utility token. Platform members are incentivized for content engagement in VNM. The integrated ILP wallet allows for enhanced functionality including making P2P payments, cross-border payments, withdrawals, top-ups, and contactless payments in any currency.

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As a proud member of the W3C DID Working Group, Sonr is committed to advancing decentralized identity solutions that empower individuals and organizations alike. Our work aligns with W3C's dedication to creating an open and interoperable web, fostering a robust digital ecosystem built on trust and privacy.

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Sony Group Corporation

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Stiftelsen for internetinfrastruktur (IIS)

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Stony Brook University

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SURROUND Australia Pty Ltd

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Syncro Soft

Syncro Soft encourages the adoption of the W3C standards. Its main product, oXygen XML Editor, is an integrated development environment supporting a large number of W3C standards including XML, XSLT, XML Schema and XQuery.

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Taiwan Digital Publishing Forum

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TetraLogical Services Ltd

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The German Association for the Digital Economy (BVDW)

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The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

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The National Archives

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The Scottish Government

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Thomson Reuters Corp.

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TopQuadrant provides TopBraid, enterprise-level solution platform for information integration, policy management, intelligent catalogs and other applications based on the Semantic Web standards. Through its products, services and training programs TopQuadrant is committed to bringing W3C standards into real world practice in enterprise applications

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Understood is a social impact organization dedicated to shaping the world for difference, where more people who learn and think differently can thrive. We actively support W3C’s accessibility initiatives and continuously improve our website to ensure it is usable to everyone everywhere—regardless of ability, situation, or context.

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Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

The Universidad Politécnica de Madrid is the largest Spanish technological university as well as a renowned European institution. With two recognitions as Campus of International Excellence, it is outstanding in its research activity together with its training of highly-qualified professionals, competitive at an international level.

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Universidade de Lisboa - ULisboa

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Universidade de Sao Paulo

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Université Côte d'Azur

Université Côte d'Azur is a group of higher education institutions recently created on the Côte d'Azur. It brings together the main actors of higher education and research on the Côte d'Azur.

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Universities Admissions Centre

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University of Colorado Boulder

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University of Edinburgh

The School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh is a world leader in research and teaching in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science. W3C technologies are both used and studied here, and we are proud to contribute to their development.

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University of Illinois

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University of Ontario Institute of Technology

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University of Southampton

The School of Electronics and Computer Science at Southampton is a world-leading centre of excellence for research, teaching, enterprise and innovation in Computer Science, Electronics and Electrical Engineering. We host major national research initiatives applying and developing W3C technologies.

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UNNC-NFTZ Blockchain Laboratory

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UserWay is a full service accessibility solutions provider, trusted by over one million websites. UserWay's AI Powered Widget, Realtime Scanning and Monitoring and Accessibility Audits (done by certified manual experts) are just a few of the services we offer. See https://userway.org for more information.

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Vision Australia

Vision Australia is a leading national provider of blindness and low vision services in Australia. We work in partnership with Australians who are blind or have low vision to help them achieve the possibilities they choose in life.

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VitalSource Technologies

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W. W. Norton & Company

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Web3D Consortium

The Web3D Consortium, like W3C, supports open standardization. Web3D's open standards for real-time 3D communication include X3D, a powerful and extensible XML-based ISO standard for 3D visual effects, behavioral modeling, interaction and interoperability. Web3D membership includes companies, institutions, working groups and individuals.

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weCreate Website Design and Marketing

weCreate specializes in creating outstanding B2B and Manufacturing website designs that are user experience and accessibility focused. We complement our industry leading website design capabilities with our ability to generate traffic and leads through advanced SEO and digital marketing services.

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Wonderland Kazakiri inc.

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Working Ontologist LLC

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As a world-class leader in payments and transactional services that is at the forefront of the digital revolution, shaping new ways of paying, living, doing business and building relationships, Worldline is pleased to contribute to the online standards of tomorrow that enable these innovations.

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WU (Wirschaftsuniversität Wien) - Vienna University of Economics and Business

WU (Wirschaftsuniversität Wien) - Vienna University of Economics and Business's Website

Yahoo Inc.

Yahoo is a global media and tech company that reaches nearly 900 million people around the world, bringing them closer to what they love with the trusted products, content and tech that fuel their day. We provide a full-stack platform for businesses to amplify growth and drive more meaningful connections across advertising, search and media.

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Yahoo Japan Corporation

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"Yubico believes that W3C and other open standards are the ultimate path to protecting internet users online. The company donates both time and resources to efforts that support this belief.”

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Zhongcheng Blockchain Research Institute (Nanjing) Co. LTD

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