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Web and TV Activity Statement

The main goal of this activity is to clarify the relationship between Web and TV, with a view to identifying work items either in the form of new W3C Working Groups, or specific work that should be done in existing Working Groups.

TV is a mature but rapidly-changing market. With the advent of IP-based devices, connected TVs are progressing at a fast pace and traditional TV broadcasting is quickly evolving into a more immersive experience where users can interact with rich applications that are at least partly based on Web technologies. There is strong growth in the deployment of devices that integrate regular Web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and SVG, coupled with various device APIs.

There is huge potential for the future to create an interoperable platform where Web and TV benefit from each other, for instance through the introduction of additional device APIs specifically targeted at TVs, or by bringing Web accessibility guidelines to TVs.

Highlights Since the Previous Advisory Committee Meeting

The Testing Task Force is collecting Web&TV testing use cases and requirements for W3C test tool features, and identifying gaps in the current test tools and test coverage. Also the Task Force is collaboratively working with external organizations and inform them about the ongoing activities to gather input on the use cases and requirements. The Task Force will work with the Web Testing IG, Browser Testing and Tools WG, HTML Testing TF and other relevant W3C groups to communicate the requirements and develop a strategy to fill the identified gaps. The results of the Task Force discussion is expected to be included into HTML5 and associated specifications.

The Media APIs Task Force merges the focus of three previously independent task forces (Terminal, Metadata and Recording&downloading) and focuses on:

The Timed Text Task Force is created to develop recommendations to facilitate the use of two specifications, TTML and WebVTT, that are developed within the W3C for timed text representation (captions, subtitles, commentary, karaoke...). The Task Force is working on "TTWG Consensus Input" to solicit consensus input to the Timed Text WG charter revision process.

Upcoming Activity Highlights

The new Web and TV Charter has been approved and the group is relaunching. The IG will continue technical discussion within the group, and also will have its F2F meeting during TPAC 2013.

Summary of Activity Structure

GroupChairTeam ContactCharter
Web and TV Interest Group
Yosuke Funahashi, Giuseppe Pascale, Mark VickersKazuyuki Ashimura, Daniel DavisChartered until 20 February 2015

This Activity Statement was prepared for TPAC 2013 per section 5 of the W3C Process Document. Generated from group data.

Kaz Ashimura, Web and TV Activity Lead

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