Immersive Web Working Group

Our Mission

We help bring high-performance Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) (collectively known as XR) to the open Web via APIs to interact with XR devices and sensors in browsers.

We work together with the Immersive Web Community Group in building the immersive web platform. Most new ideas start there.

The Co-Chairs of the Working Group are Ada Rose Cannon (Apple), Ayşegül Yönet (W3C Invited Expert) and Chris Wilson (Google). The W3C Team Contact for the Immersive Web Working Group is Atsushi Shimono. A list for chairs and W3C staff contact(s) is (no archive is available), which anybody can post a mail.

Face-to-face meetings


  • 2 days in September 2024 (hybrid meeting) at TPAC 2024 (23-27 September 2024)

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