Media Working Group

What we do

The goal of the Media Working Group is to develop and improve client-side media processing and playback features on the Web. Learn more about the goals, scope, and deliverables.


The group settled on a monthly call cadence, every second Tuesday of each month, with alternating times:

Odd months
January, March, May, July, September, November
14:00 Pacific time
Even months
February, April, June, August, October, December
07:00 Pacific time

Call information (member-only link) is the same for all meetings. Note calls are canceled when there are no agenda items to discuss.

The group meets face-to-face at least once per year during W3C's annual Technical Plenary Advisory Committee (TPAC). Additional face-to-face meetings may be organized. Past face-to-face meetings:

Meetings agenda

The agenda is built from GitHub issues tagged with an agenda label in the group's repositories (see list below). Group participants are encouraged to label issues that they would like to discuss accordingly. If something cannot easily be expressed as a GitHub issue, or if you find yourself unable to add a label, please reach out to the chairs and/or team contact.

Chairs send the agenda and call information —or a cancelation notice—, through email on the group's public mailing-list at least one day before the call.

Get involved

This group works in public. We welcome comments and discussion from the web community on our mailing-list public-media-wg@w3.org (publicly archived) and, preferably, through issues in one of the group's GitHub repositories, where most of the work happens:

w3c/media-wg / issues
The group's home page. Issues used to track group-wide discussions
w3c/audio-session / issues
Repository of the Audio Session specification
w3c/autoplay / issues
Repository of the Autoplay Policy Detection specification
w3c/encrypted-media / issues
Repository of the Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) specification
w3c/media-capabilities / issues
Repository of the Media Capabilities specification
w3c/media-playback-quality / issues
Repository of the Media Playback Quality specification
w3c/mediasession / issues
Repository of the Media Session specification
w3c/media-source / issues
Repository of the Media Source Extensions (MSE) specification
w3c/picture-in-picture / issues
Repository of the Picture-in-picture specification
w3c/webcodecs / issues
Repository of the WebCodecs specification

Notes get taken during meetings on IRC: irc.w3.org:6665#mediawg / IRC web client