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W3C operations are primarily financed through Membership dues (see also information about W3C Membership). Through the W3C Supporters Program, Members and non-Members alike make general contributions, both financial and of goods such as software and hardware, to help support W3C's operations. Though W3C appreciates the support of these contributors, this should not be considered an endorsement of any products, services, or other materials they may provide.

More about the Supporters program can be found below, including frequently asked questions (FAQ). A version of this page with more Supporter details is available.

You may also want to participate in the W3C Validator Donation Program.

Premier Supporters

Major Supporters

Contributing Supporters

Nicolas Pewny

About the Supporters Program

W3C thanks the individuals and organizations listed on this page who have made contributions to the Consortium. Supporters are acknowledged on this page and may use the W3C Supporter Logos. W3C also welcomes smaller donations of less than a value of 100 USD using paypal or other means, although there is no associated acknowledgment on the W3C Web site or corresponding Supporter logo.

You may propose to W3C to donate goods that do not appear on this list, but please note that W3C may choose not to accept them. In this case, we recommend that you consider a financial donation instead. In general:

  • When we accept a software donation, licenses are only made available to the W3C staff.
  • We do not accept unsolicited offers to design Web pages.

If you have any questions about the W3C Supporters Program, Supporters Program Policy, or Application, please contact W3C at <supporters@w3.org>.

Please note that this program is not about W3C offering software or other technical support.

Questions about Donations?

Please consult the Donations FAQ for answers to questions such as: