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WebConf Information

Wednesdays at 8am EST / 2pm CET / 10pm JST

This is the joint call of WoT Interest Group (IG) and WoT Working Group (WG).

Note: Due to Daylight Savings in Europe, the call will start one hour later in Europe this week than last week. Please see also the announcement (Member-only).


To avoid a repetition of fraudulent calls, the ICS files, host codes and meeting passwords should not be shared on the public list or a public wiki or other web page, e.g. in the agenda or minutes.


The IRC is used for the minutes, speaker queue, and sharing links etc.


10 Jan 2018

Next Week

  • Schedule: especially dates for doc updates, stable versions for Plugfest
  • Accessibility
  • Architecture TF to discuss cross-cutting issues, for instance: Thing Directories, dynamics Thing Description update, NAT traversal, proxies, etc.

Stash for Future WebConfs

  • Publication schedule
    • Each TF should come up with a plan
  • TPAC Plugfest Planning
    • Proxies
    • Protocol Bindings
    • Directories
    • What will be there?
      • Review Wiki pages
      • Share Thing Descriptions

Not Scheduled

  • [Oliver Pfaff, Ari, Carsten] Security update of IETF activities (ACE+CoRE)
  • [Michael McCool] Speaker to review recently released IIC Industrial Internet Security Framework [1].
  • [Michael McCool] Speaker to talk about AWS Greengrass and IoT.
  • [Johannes, Ben Titzer] Web assembly & WoT (WASM runtimes + WoT scripting) (30mins+?)
  • [Dave Raggett] Regular JSON for application contracts (15 mins)

Action Item Tracker

We reactivated the W3C tracker, since it is easier to maintain than a wiki table.

W3C WoT IG Action Tracker

Meeting Minutes


Feb 2017

Jan 2017


Dec 2016

Nov 2016

Oct 2016

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Jul 2016

Jun 2016

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Apr 2016

Archived Meeting Minutes

These minutes are largely historical from before the task force work. The minutes of the individual task forces were shared over the public mailing list.