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In order to promote a diverse Membership that represents the interests of organizations around the world, W3C fees vary depending on the annual revenues, type, and location of headquarters of an organization. For instance, as of 2024-04-01, a small company in India would pay 1,905 USD annually, a non-profit in the United States would pay 7,900 USD, and a large company in France would pay 59,500 EUR. Please note that comma (",") is used to separate thousands in the tables below. Note: Fees do not reflect any local taxes, for which the Member is responsible.

Use this fee calculator to determine the annual Membership fee for a new Member, given a country/region and date. The calculator covers the complete history of W3C fees.

Notes: Fees for dates selected in the future are subject to change. Business Group Fees are described elsewhere.

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For each currency that may be used to pay W3C dues, show all fee tables for a chosen quarter, and those for the next quarter if they differ. By default, the current quarter is shown.

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