RIF Rule Interchange Format Current Status

This page summarizes the relationships among specifications, whether they are finished standards or drafts. Below, each title links to the most recent version of a document.

Completed Work

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Group Notes are not standards and do not have the same level of W3C endorsement.



RIF Basic Logic Dialect (Second Edition)

A RIF dialect building on RIF Core by adding function terms (Horn logic) and equality in the rule conclusions.


RIF Core Dialect (Second Edition)

The minimum RIF dialect (datalog with builtins), to which other RIF dialects add extensions.


RIF RDF and OWL Compatibility (Second Edition)

A formal specification for how RIF can be used with RDF and OWL, including the semantics of different ways of importing RDF data and OWL ontologies into RIF rule systems.


RIF Datatypes and Built-Ins 1.0 (Second Edition)

The list of datatypes, built-in functions, and built-in predicates supported by all RIF dialects, based on XML Schema, XML Query, and XPath.


RIF Framework for Logic Dialects (Second Edition)

Specifies a coherent way to build more-expressive RIF dialects, using a single semantic framework.


RIF Production Rule Dialect (Second Edition)

A RIF dialect for expressing the kind of rules used by production rule engines, such as commonly found in Business Rule systems

Group Notes


Linked Data Glossary

The Linked Data Glossary contains terms defined and used to describe Linked Data, and its associated vocabularies and best practices related to publishing structured data on the Web using open Web standards.


RIF Use Cases and Requirements (Second Edition)

An enumeration of the main use cases considered by the RIF Working Group, and design requirements than emerged from those use cases and guided the overall design of RIF.


RIF Test Cases (Second Edition)

Documentation for the RIF test suite and suggested RIF testing process.


RIF Overview (Second Edition)

An overview of the Rule Interchange Format (RIF), including a high-level explanation of RIF concepts and architecture and a survey of other RIF documents.


OWL 2 RL in RIF (Second Edition)

A detailed explanation of how to implement OWL 2 RL reasoning using RIF Core.


RIF Combination with XML data (Second Edition)

Specification for how RIF rules can operate on XML data.


RIF In RDF (Second Edition)

Specifies a way to encode RIF documents in RDF, allowing rules to be stored and processed as RDF triples; can also be used for writing RIF rules which transform RIF rules.


RIF Primer (Second Edition)