Social Economy Community Group

In this group we work on various web technologies needed for managing all kinds of economic relationships between individuals and organizations. While recognizing nowadays dominance of commerce, we take here more general approach which gives equal attention to all kind of non-commercial approaches, including Social Economy, Sharing/Collaborative Economy, Solidarity Economy, Informal Economy etc.

Some of relevant topics (by no means an exhaustive list!)

  • mobility - public transport, carsharing, ridesharing /carpooling, hitchhiking, bikesharing
  • housing - coliving, coworking, cohousing, hospitality exchange, flatshare / Wohngemeinschaft
  • food - food hubs, food networks, producer and consumer cooperatives, community supported agriculture, gleaning, foodsharing, foodsaving, mealsharing, volksküche / langar
  • learning - skillsharing, learning groups, webinars, workshops
  • products - toolsharing, booksharing
  • services - volunteering, help exchange
  • energy - energy cooperatives
  • communication - mesh networks communities
  • manufacturing - research and development, design, assembly, 3D printing, open source hardware, worker cooperatives, open value networks
  • health, sports & recreation
  • culture & entertainment

We based our work on Linked Data technologies and assume decentralized architecture.

During first year of operation (2016) we will hold regular monthly teleconference, use github for collaboration and follow other recommendations from Modern Tooling

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