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EDUPUB: A Workshop on Digital Publishing for Education

W3C has the pleasure of co-sponsoring the following event:  EDUPUB: A Workshop on Digital Publishing for Education   29-30 October 2013, Boston, USA  (See also the call for participation) The event is organized by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). Digital content in general, and electronic books in particular, are becoming extremely important for tomorrow’s […]

Once Upon A Time, Web Standards Curriculum

Once upon a time, we started the Quality Assurance activity at W3C in 2001, one of the objectives was to find a way to improve the materials for communicating with Web developers. In the QA group, Snorre M. Grimsby (Opera) told me that we might find resources for producing educational materials. The discussion became quiet for a while and restarted in June 2006 with David Storey (Opera). As the same time, some people at WASP started a survey for defining requirements for a Web Standards Curriculum.