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Back in April, I introduced the "wiki-based documentation project". At that time, it only contained the HTML documentation. I'm glad to now report that the CSS documentation is now completed.

CSS Educational Materials for Beginners

CSS Educational Materials for Beginners

I have organized a curriculum for the beginners in Web design and development. It is a curriculum that the beginners can study the basic concepts of CSS in four weeks. For those who study Web technologies, the existing educational materials with a lot of information are not easy to study. Thus, I included only the minimum necessary information for the beginners.

List of CSS Properties

List of CSS Properties

This is a quick reference for CSS properties which has many examples and screenshot images in order to help beginners clearly understand how the CSS properties work. It is important because I believe that it is difficult for the beginners to perceive how the CSS properties are used. Currently, it only contains the CSS 2.1 properties. I will add the CSS 3 properties in the future.

Finally, this wiki is open to anyone. If you want, you can get a public account on request form and start editing the page. I am looking forward to your contribution.
And also, I really welcome bug reports and suggestions for improvements by sending feedback to the publicly archived mailing list public-webdev-docs@w3.org [Web archive].

This column is written by Hiroki Yamada, a W3C Fellow from Internet Academy (Japanese company).

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