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Latest EPUBCheck 5.0.0 Preview

Latest EPUBCheck 5.0.0 preview is available! We are pleased to announce the latest preview release of the next major version of EPUBCheck, v5.0.0. For the first time, this version fully implements the new rules in EPUB 3.3 (W3C Candidate Recommendation Draft). We encourage users to effectively test this version of EPUBCheck in their production workflows […]

W3C DevMeetup report – Vancouver, 2022

On September 13, 2022, in Vancouver BC, Canada, the W3C developer relations team organized a developer meetup as part of  the annual W3C TPAC2022 (Technical Plenary /  Advisory Committee) week for the global Web community to coordinate the development of Web standards. Today, we are pleased to share the recorded videos of the four talks […]

W3C Developer meetup in Vancouver, Canada, 13 September

W3C invites the vibrant Vancouver-based tech community to its Developer meetup, on Tuesday 13 September 2022 (6:00 -8:45pm PT). This event is free of charge but registration is mandatory and operates under COVID-19 health rules. We are very much looking forward to connecting with local developers, designers, product and project managers, etc., who are interested […]

Making WebViews work for the Web

What if I told you 14% of the usage your Web content is getting is through a “browser” you probably didn’t think of when you designed your content? To put that figure in perspective, the global usage share of iOS Safari is around 11%. Can a Web content strategy ignore that kind of usage? I […]

Web standards makers share their thoughts on W3C TPAC 2021

An annual conference to advance standards development W3C’s annual conference is the Technical Plenary and Advisory Committee meeting, or TPAC. This event brings together a global community of more than a thousand software engineers, architects, web developers, and product teams to advance standards development on emerging web technologies. W3C group participants share their enthusiasm in […]

W3C DevRel – TPAC21 debrief

W3C’s 2021 annual conference (TPAC) concluded last month and we take the opportunity to debrief this successful virtual event through the lens of developer relations. As input to the conference, several W3C groups produced videos and group updates about their work, which should help developers learning what new technologies are coming their way (incl. CSS […]

Accessibility of Remote Meetings - first public working draft published

Accessibility of Remote Meetings – call for review

The impact of COVID-19 has seen a substantial increase in usage of remote meeting platforms. Before 2020, software-based remote meeting applications were available, but not necessarily viewed as critical. The shift to remote meetings from a complementary tool to a replacement for face-to-face contact, has driven significant innovation in this space, including improvements in the […]

Natural Language Accessibility User Requirements published as first public working draft note

Natural Language Interface Accessibility User Requirements – call for review

Spoken interaction with mobile devices and consumer appliances such as smart speakers is now commonplace. Chatbots and similar text-based user interfaces can be included in Web applications. Telephone systems employing speech input and output are widely deployed. The common element in these scenarios is that the user interface operates via a textual, linguistic interaction; in […]


Synchronization Accessibility User Requirements – call for review

The successful synchronization of multimedia content, especially audio and video, is essential to accessible web-based communication and cooperation. Understandable media is therefore media synchronized to very specific limits, according to multiple research studies. By clarifying the parameters of adequate synchronization we can influence the development of future technologies, specifications, and accessibility guidelines. Providing an accessible […]