Web standards makers share their thoughts on W3C TPAC 2021

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title: 10 days, 132 sessions in red: "TPAC"; in black: "2021"; in white on black: "The W3C annual conference" text in red and white against black: "1020 Registrants 33 Countries"

An annual conference to advance standards development

W3C's annual conference is the Technical Plenary and Advisory Committee meeting, or TPAC. This event brings together a global community of more than a thousand software engineers, architects, web developers, and product teams to advance standards development on emerging web technologies.

W3C group participants share their enthusiasm in video

TPAC 2021 is over but our Events Team has produced, with support from W3C Member Legible Media Inc., a highlights video with compelling comments from our members and invited experts about the importance of the meeting and the power of coming together to make the web work, for everyone.

Title screenshot: How was your experience at TPAC 2021

Memorable impressions from long-time and first-time attendees

Ryuichi Matsukura of Fujitsu shared that: "It was very impressive to see the top of the W3C listening to members' opinion and answering their questions."

Tetsuhiko Hirata of Hitachi noted that: "W3C is not just creating a technology standard, it is creating the internet culture.”

Alex Lakatos, of the Interledger Foundation shared: "Just the idea that I've kind of joined the people that make standards on the internet is amazing for me. It's my first TPAC and it feels like I've evolved as a human. And then at the same time getting to help everyone that builds on the internet, that's just extremely rewarding for me."

Henrik Edstrom of Autodesk noted: "We can kind of get an idea of what might be on the horizon and what might be interesting for our company to engage in, in the future.”

Shannon Janus of Hearst Magazines said: "We're not alone in trying to solve for everything, there is a community out there."

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