W3C TPAC 2021

Welcome to our W3C annual conference!

W3C's virtual 2021 TPAC focuses on collaborative meetings that gather the community to create momentum and collective brainstorming.

This event brings together W3C technical groups, the Advisory Board, the TAG and the Advisory Committee for exciting, coordinated work. The benefit of assembling the community for thought-provoking discussions is invaluable.

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W3C meetings operate under our Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

What does TPAC stand for?

TPAC historically stands for Technical Plenary and Advisory Committee, since in its initial physical format, it gathered in a single place a meeting of the W3C Advisory Committee (where each W3C Member has a representative) and a broad set of technical group meetings, culminating in a plenary day – the technical plenary.

In recent years, the plenary format had mostly been replaced by an unconference format organized as a series of one-hour sessions on topics brought by the attendees. In its current virtual format, there isn't as much of an opportunity for a ‘plenary’ meeting in any case, and for practical reasons, the Advisory Committee meeting part of the event is held somewhat apart from the rest of the technical meetings.

The name TPAC is familiar enough to regular W3C participants that we are still using the name in these new circumstances, but we are trying to reference it more broadly as ‘W3C Annual Conference’ to make it easier to understand.


Participation and Registration

Before you register, take a moment to watch the TPAC 2021
logistics video (audio description available soon),

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and read the participation policies and recommendations:

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Meeting Registration is now open!

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Schedule and format

12 Oct
AC meeting (member-only)
18–22 Oct
breakout sessions, social events
25–29 Oct
group & joint meetings
18–29 Oct
expo space
18–29 Oct



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