18–29 October sessions & happenings

Follow the steps below to attend these sessions and happenings:

  1. Learn more about the different sessions and happenings on this page or our TPAC logistics video
  2. Check the participation rules for each sessions
  3. Fill in the registration form
  4. Wait for the welcome email that confirms your registration has been added to the virtual attendee hub. You should receive this email within 24 hours after you register on the W3C site. This email has a big "Join The Conference" button. Once you receive that email you will be able to login to the attendee hub and look at the sessions details (dates, times, content...), create your personal calendar, attend the meetings and participate in the happenings

Already registered? Find your sessions here!

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18–22 October: Breakout sessions, social events

Breakout sessions

If you are already registered and you have received the second confirmation email you may go directly to the TPAC Attendee Hub.

This is an opportunity for everyone to propose, choose, and participate in breakout sessions on a wide variety of topics relating to W3C activities. It is a chance to contribute to discussions and connect with people working on ideas that may not fall within your usual areas of activity.

Sessions are expected to operate under W3C's Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and to produce a public record of their discussions. Even while outside chartered W3C groups, participants should be aware of W3C policies.

This year again, we plan to offer a set of breakout discussions open to the broader public, toward the goal of bringing more diverse voices into the W3C community.

The breakout sessions schedule is now available

Social events

Join live sessions to clear your mind and get ready for engaging and stimulating discussions:

  • Live cooking: Wednesday 20 October 17:00-17:30 UTC
  • Trivia Game: Thursday 21 October 23:00-23:50 UTC

Follow the instructions to access the group meeting details and attend the meetings

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25–29 October: Group & joint meetings

The W3C groups meet during this week on their own or cross-group to gather new ideas, raise questions and get use-cases.

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Expo space – available 18–29 October

Visit our expo space for an opportunity to meet diverse companies and learn about their work and activities.

Follow the instructions to participate to this happening


Networking – available 18–29 October

TPAC is a great place to meet people and discuss various subjects. Go to the virtual attendee hub to see who is attending, request meetings with one or several attendees, or with exhibitors and attend informal or formal meetings with them.

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