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Visual for the W3C Developer meetup, organized by W3C Developer Relations team, on 13 Sept. 2022, in Vancouver, Canada. The graphics represents Vancouver's skyline at twilight

On September 13, 2022, in Vancouver BC, Canada, the W3C developer relations team organized a developer meetup as part of  the annual W3C TPAC2022 (Technical Plenary /  Advisory Committee) week for the global Web community to coordinate the development of Web standards.

Today, we are pleased to share the recorded videos of the four talks that were delivered during the event. They illustrate how W3C community paves the path of creating solid Web standards, from incubating an idea to a deployed standard that people can reliably use and adopt. Each of these videos come accompanied by their transcripts and the set of slides the speakers used:

  • Greg Whitworth (SalesForce) related the research and incubation work happening in the W3C Open UI Community Group [Icon of a video camera video, transcript, slides].
  • Aram Zucker-Scharff (The Washington Post) gave an overview of the work done in the Private Advertising Technology Community Group, as it is transitioning into a more formal part of the standardization process  [Icon of a video camera video, transcript, slides].
  • Within the standardization track, new CSS features are emerging from the W3C CSS Working Group and Miriam Suzanne (W3C Invited Expert) demonstrated what intrinsic Web design allows as an evolution of responsive Web design and where container queries & units play an important role [Icon of a video camera video , transcript, slides].
  • Finally, illustrating the work that remains to be done once Web standards are well developed, Rachel Andrew (Google) presented the Interop 2022 initiative which aims to make specified web platform features work exactly the same across browsers, a key requirement Web developers have before they can adopt new features [Icon of a video camera video, transcript, slides].

This event was made possible thanks to the support of our sponsors, to which we want to express again our gratitude: Yubico, Igalia, Samsung Internet, FTG, WithYou and Legible.

Thank you to the W3C DevMeetup in Vancouver sponsors: Igalia, Samsung Internet, Yubico, FTG, Legible and WithYou

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