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2023; a new era for W3C

With the start of the year 2023 we pass a milestone in the evolution of the global collaboration project that is the World Wide Web Consortium: In our 29th year of operation, we are operating now as World Wide Web Consortium Inc, continuing with Beihang University (China), ERCIM (France), and Keio University (Japan) as partners. […]

W3C WAI Updates, October 2022

Several changes are in progress at the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI), each exciting in different ways. W3C and WAI staff are supporting our accessibility work on the current path during this transition. WAI Staff and Roles Judy Brewer will be leaving WAI for a new opportunity. She shared more in a WAI Transitions message. […]

Diversity and Inclusion at W3C: 2022 figures

As part of our commitment and continued focus on diversity and inclusion here is the annual report for our most senior bodies. Over a several year period we have substantially improved our geographic and gender diversity in these groups. But we still have much more to go. More broadly in the consortium we still have […]

Impact of W3C WAI work recognized in Brewer’s ACM service award

Judy Brewer has been recognized by the ACM for service to the computing community through her leadership at W3C of the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) work. This work includes development of multiple web accessibility standards which have been adopted globally and have improved accessibility for millions worldwide. The ACM noted: “In the late 1990s, although […]

MOW complaints about W3C

We are aware of a complaint from “Movement for an Open Web” (Marketers For An Open Web Limited) that accuses W3C of “favouring the giant tech corporations in its procedures and decision-making and failing to comply with antitrust laws.” We have seen only the public statement on their website. These allegations have no basis in […]

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The World Wide Web Consortium at 27: a guiding star for the future of the web

Twenty-seven years ago, on 1 October 1994, Tim Berners-Lee launched the World Wide Web Consortium as the next step in the evolution and support of the Web. Quoting from the proposal: “The web allows human communication and cooperation by sharing knowledge, and opens this to ordinary people who need no technical skill. […] At the […]