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We are very proud to share that the work we did to redesign the W3C website with Studio 24 is being recognized by many awards, including the prestigious Gaady award. The Gaadys are run by the Global Accessibility Awareness Day Foundation, and honor advances in digital accessibility. Studio 24 is among the three winners that will be celebrated tonight at the LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired in San Francisco, USA. Studio 24 Client Services Director Emma Lane will represent the agency at the event.

Excerpt from the Gaadys Awards winners section

The new W3C website meets the highest level of accessibility standards, WCAG 2.1 AAA, and was developed with input from the W3C community. It features a number of accessibility features, including:

  • A keyboard-only navigation system
  • High-contrast text and images
  • ARIA labels for all non-visual elements
  • Support for screen readers and other assistive technologies

The W3C website is a valuable resource for web developers and designers, and the new redesign makes it even more accessible to everyone. Studio 24's work on this project is a shining example of how accessibility can be achieved without sacrificing design or usability.

Read more in Studio 24's blog post about the 2023 w3 Awards Gold Award in the category Website Features: Best Practices; and Silver award in the category Websites: Redesign, and come back to their site after November 21 to find out if they were awarded Bronze, Silver, or Gold in the 2023 BIMA Awards which recognize since 1985 the work in the British digital sector that is truly making a difference in business, culture and society.

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