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This wiki is for connecting the W3C communities (Web developers, implementers, people who make the W3C specifications). W3C has a formal track for making standards specifications. The specs answer a lot of questions, but not all of them. The wiki is used by many communities such as the Open Web Platform and the Semantic Web. You might want to contribute to W3C work.

Pages here have no formal status but may have WikiConsensus. Questions & answers here may be misleading, or just plain wrong. Or, they may be useful. You are welcome to add, fix, develop and rearrange topics.

2015-01-15: Due to spam increase, W3C has limited who can edit this wiki to holders of a W3C account with Member access. You must log in with your account to edit the wiki.


Please feel free to add active W3C groups here:

Closed groups

Many closed groups have plenty of reference material that may be useful for future efforts:


See Tools provided by W3C

Application Foundations

See Application Foundations.


See CSS.

Open Web Platform


See current specs. Work being done to improve specs in general:


An attempt to round up discussions about extensibility, versioning, naming, identifiers, registries, standards process.

Process 2018 diffs Process2018

Process 2019 diffs Process2019

Encouraging Participation

Please help us identify barriers to participation in W3C activities, discussions, teams, etc. More importantly, contribute ideas on how to get around those barriers! Open to all! Click the title and join in!


Semantic Web

Security and Privacy

  • Security, starting around March 2006, for discussion on W3C Security-related specifications and enhancements to XML-Dsig.
  • Using Web technologies implies traceability, logs, identification, therefore Privacy is becoming a growing concern from the community and need to be addressed at the technical level.



Multimodal Interaction (MMI)

W3C Organization

Traditional Wiki starting points:

We also keep notes AboutThisService, like WikiUpgrade.

Global Participation

See Global-Participation-Management.

To be classified

Stuff to move to SemanticWebTools:

Issues for HTML Working Group: HTML

Open Media Web: Standardization Roadmap