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A Converter from RDF is a tool which converts RDF into an application-specific format for use with existing tools and integration with other data. Typically this will appear as part of a running system which provides a domain-specific facet view of a given RDF application's data.

See also : ConverterToRdf

Target Systems

Domain Model(s) Format Protocol
Web (general) Hypertext HTML HTTP
Microformats Various domains HTML HTTP
Syndication RSS/Atom RSS/Atom HTTP+polling
Calendaring iCalendar/(hCalendar) iCalendar/(hCalendar) HTTP/import/export
Identity Management various OpenID, vCard, LDAP, FOAF HTTP, OpenID etc.


RDF API Built-ins

Raptor (part of Redland framework) can serialise to the following:

  • N-Triples, RDF/XML, RDF/XML (Abbreviated), RDF/XML (XMP Profile), Turtle
  • Atom
  • RSS 1.0
  • GraphViz dot format



  • Geo 2 KML - web service which converts RDF to KML suitable for showing on Google Earth & Maps. Understands vcard: data as well as geo: which means it works with GoodRelations data.


  • JSON to RDF - web service which converts RDF to JSON or JSONP. Option of compact (useful for coders), JSON RDF or triples.


  • Direct serialisation (Raptor?)
  • XSLT over RDF/XML
  • SPARQL (one or TwoPhaseSparql)
  • programmatic