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=== Speakers of the W3C Workshop on Electronic Books and the Open Web Platform 11-12 February 2013, New York, USA ===

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Workshop Day 1 - Monday, 11 February

13:30-14:00 Welcome and Scene Setting

   *{10 mn} Brief introduction from the Organizing Committee, Thierry Michel (W3C) Slides
   *{20 mn} Welcome to the Workshop, Jeff Jaffe (W3C) [Slides]

14:00-14:30 Keynote

   *{25 mn} Extending W3C current work, collaboration with IDPF, Bill Mc Coy (IDPF) [Slides]

14:30-16:00 Session 1: Presentation (CSS, Fonts, etc.)

   *{10 mn} Opera Software's Position Paper, Lars Erik Bolstad (Opera Software) [Slides]
   *{10 mn} The Future of Reading- How state of the art typography can deliver great reading experiences in eBooks and on the Web, Vladimir Levantovsky (Monotype) [Slides]
   *{10 mn} Enrichment of eBook User Interfaces: A Skeuomorphic Approach, Jaejeung Kim (Kaist) [Slides]
   *{25 mn} Raise the Web Platform to eBook Standards, Alan Stearns (Adobe) [Slides]

16:30-18:00 Session 2: OWP and EPUB/eBooks

   *{25 mn} The Good and the Bad in the EPUB3. Relationship with W3C. Complexity of building a Wysiwyg EPUB editor, Daniel Glazman (Disruptive Innovations) [Slides]
   *{10 mn} Making Robust Digital Books: Bridging the Gap Between Standards and the Marketplace, Dave Cramer (Hachette Book Group) [Slides]
   *{10 mn} Bridging the Gap between eBook Readers and Browsers, Robert Glushko and Erik Wilde, University of California at Berkeley) [Slides]
   *{10 mn} Kim Marriott's Position statement, Kim Marriott (Clayton School of IT) [Slides]
   *{10 mn} HarperCollins Publishers Position Paper, Soo Choi (HarperCollins Publishers) [Slides]

Workshop Day 2 - Tuesday 12 February

8:30-9:15 Decisions on Future Work

   *{45 mn} Wrap-up of Day1 sessions and Q & A  Philippe Le Hégaret (W3C) [Slides]

9:15-9:30 Keynote

   *{15 mn} Overview, Len Vlahos (BISG) [Slides]

9:30-10:30 Session 3: Accessibility

   *{20 mn} Position Statement from DAISY Consortium, George Kerscher (DAISY Consortium) [Slides]
   *{10 mn} Accessibility Issues in Digital Publishing, Janina Sajka (W3C PFWG Chair) [Slides]
   *{10 mn} Embedded Assessments within eBooks: Interactivity, Accessibility, Connectivity, Security and Standards, Mark Hakkinen (Educational Testing Service) [Slides]

11:00-12:30 Session 4: DRM

   *{25 mn} Content Protection Strategies for ePublishing, Jim Dovey (Kobo) [Slides]
   *{10 mn} Samsung's Positioning Paper, Youngwan (Samsung) [Slides]
   *{10 mn} Benetech: Social DRM for Accessibility, Gerardo Capiel (Benetech) [Slides]
   *{10 mn} Buy Once, Sync Anywhere, Oliver Brooks (Valobox) [Slides]

13:30-15:00 Session 5: Metadata, Annotations

   *{20 mn} Metadata Overview, Mark Bide (EDItEUR) [Slides]
   *{10 mn} Open Annotation Community Group Position Statement, Robert Sanderson and Paolo Ciccarese (Co-Chairs of the W3C Open Annotation CG) [Slides]
   *{10 mn} Bringing Magazines to the eBook Channel with EPUB 3 and PSV, Peter Meirs (Time Inc) [Slides]
   *{10 mn} Designing a Roadmap to a New Bibliographic Information Ecosystem: Where ebook metadata fits in, Todd Carpenter (NISO) [Slides]
   *{10 mn} Developing and Applying Rights Expression using ODRL and RightsML, Stuart Myles (Associated Press) [Slides]

15:30-16:15 Decisions on Future Work

   *{45 mn} Wrap-up of Day2 sessions and Q & A,  Liam Quin (W3C) [Slides]

16:15-16:30 Conclusion

   *{15 mn} Wrap-up of the Workshop, Ivan Herman (W3C) [Slides]