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On 30 August 2004, SandroHawke upgraded the MoinMoin install to the latest in Debian Testing, with occasional comment from DanBri and DanConnolly.

The character encoding was changed from iso-8859-1 to utf-8, to allow full unicode. We ran "iconv" on all the data/text pages, so they should be okay, but this doesn't show up in the wiki's version control. Older version were not iconv'd.

Report any problems here, please.

It seems the conversion was not very successful, for example on RecentChanges my name appears ISO-8859-1 encoded and the <meta> element also declares ISO-8859-1 but the HTTP header declares UTF-8 which results in garbage. Similar on BjörnHöhrmann, my name in the <title>, in

, and in h1/a, is ISO-8859-1 encoded, only the

uses UTF-8 encoding. -- BjörnHöhrmann

where did the link icons (interwiki etc.) go?

where did the DeletePage option go?

Ugh... revert option is an unsafe GET hmm... perhaps report upstream? MoinMoin:AntiSpamFeatures

True, some operations use GET instead of POST. Please report bug like this on MoinMoin:MoinMoinBugs

hmm... I might prefer problems under AboutThisService -- DanConnolly.

I think it would help if you could set the defaults so that anyone can delete pages. There are still a number to tidy up --AndrewCates

Also how many languages do you really want the wiki in? Am happy to delete helppages times n --AndrewCates