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I keep rough todo thoughts here, in case somebody else wants to help... perhaps a way to mitigate MadScientistMode, DogWashing, and the like... or perhaps a SomedayPile.


Data in Documents: Microformats etc.

   Joe Lambda test item. Compare with weekly.kid template and microformat table parsing stuff (LinkMe) 
  • get SVG ns doc GRDDL-happy (ChrisLilley sold; cf 23 Mar in -tf list)
  • finish convincing XFN folks to revise their profile doc to be GRDDL-happy
  • tell geourl folks about grounding <meta name="ICBM"> in the web

Resume, citation microformats


 update: re "SRS Personal Record Due" from djw 19 Oct
  1. GRDDL/microformats?

another GRDDL idea: convert resume to RDF, bulk upload into LinkedIn. (cf Jon Udell: The LinkedIn dilemma). progress: formalizing a Curriculum Vitae posted by DanC at 2004-02-18 15:14 (+)

a case study in automating a digital library: the W3C tech reports index. stuff like 'publication of record', non-repudiability thru wide dissemination; compare/contrast with IETF process. @@rec54, URI schemes, ...

Collaboration Patterns

ethernet protocol clash in sw-meaning

issues list failure mode noted in sw-meaning

Hmm... I griped about lack of thread support in a colleague's mailer (one for MailingLists perhaps?), and timbl suggested a page about how we work... similar issues came up in a 13Jan2004 discussion of HTTP/HTML gateways to InternetRelayChat.



for NaryRelations...

Jan 12 13:38:20 <timbl_>        ( lat long ) log:function latlong.
Jan 12 13:38:25 <DanC>  DanC: yup. InterpretationProperties
Jan 12 13:39:00 <timbl_>        This says that      ( x lat y; long z ) <=>  x
latlog (y z )
Jan 12 13:39:39 <timbl_>        This says that      { x lat y; long z } <=>
{ x latlog (y z ) }
Jan 12 13:40:00 <DanC>  see also various proposals for "records" in
Jan 12 13:40:08 <timbl_>        Connection to:  The SWPB note,   cwm processing
Naries,  Pychinko processing naraies.
Jan 12 13:40:27 <DanC>  http://esw.w3.org/topic/NaryRelations
Jan 12 13:40:33 <timbl_>        x lat x; long z loooks a bit like a Rete A-box

Hmm... it's kinda fun to see more and more parts of W3C using the wiki technology, but they don't seem to be embracing the wiki genre. itsHowTo seems to be a Wiki:WalledGarden. Let's remember that a wiki is a community product. We all share the RecentChanges list, in particular.