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ITS/GEO WG Collaborative editing pages


Please contact Richard, Yves or Felix if you want to create a new wiki page (they will set up the necessary access rights and notifications).

The content being developed is in the wiki itself, paragraph by paragraph, with relevant comments sandwiched between.

Only the document author(s) named at the top of the wiki should actually edit the text. Others can edit the wiki by adding comments.

Comments should be added as close as possible to the text in question. Each comment made must begin with two square opening brackets and the initials of the commenter (eg. RI ''). The end of the comment should be marked with two closing brackets (ie. ''). Short comments can be added inline, though most of the time you should start a new paragraph.

We currently do not bold or otherwise style comments, but you can if you wish - just make sure it looks ok afterwards, and bear in mind that strange things may happen if your styling has to extend across paragraphs or lists.

Related comments, and replies should be grouped together.

Multiple different comments relating to the same piece of content are separated by "***".

Comments that are incorporated into the text or rejected should be removed (by the document author). They will still be available via the wiki history.

Only ITS or GEO Working Group participants can edit their respective pages.