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HTML Test Materials

HTML is kinda messy; a big pile of tests will be at least as valuable as a spec for interoperability.

see also test metadata in the WHATWG wiki.

Microsoft's cross-document messaging and DOM Storage tests published from Adrian Bateman on 2009-01-26 ( from January 2009) (at

/trunk/LayoutTests/fast/workers – WebKit (at

html5_tables tests by James Graham 13 Feb 2009.

testrunner.htm runs html5lib tests against browsers.

Note 31 July discussion of HTML WG test suite copyright policy.

Philip Taylor's Live Token Stream Viewer, described in his 28 July 2007 post to public-html.

See Anne van Kesteren 14 March 2007 post to public-html for pointers to some more test materials; Graham replies with a pointer to some encoding tests.

In a 20 March 2007 post to public-html, Lachlan Hunt takes issue with a number of XHTML 2 features; a reply from Holst makes a number of compatibility claims. It would be useful to see these substantiated by test cases. mobile test results by Simon Pieters seems relevant.

Test Suite: User Agent Support for HTML 4.01

Tests to confirm these are claims about interoperability problems are most welcome:

misc canvas test stuff to look at and summarize...

a test from was cited in a 9 Jul 2007 msg to the WG

various ECMAScript binding tests

-- Internationalization tests by Ishida and the I18N Core WG

-- numbers/microsyntax tests by Geoffrey Sneddon

Content Type Sniffing Tests ; see also discussion in www-tag Aug 2006

Test frameworks

Mozilla automated testing (DanC hopes to study it further)

hmm... sounds like WebKit has automated testing stuff that's at least as mature. pointers welcome.