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There is a gap between W3C specifications for HTML and HTMLAsSheAreSpoke. The W3C HTML Working Group was chartered in March 2007 to close that gap.

A language specification is the main deliverable, and HTML/ProposedDesignPrinciples are in development. But there are a lot of other things that might help.

The HTML WG chair has set up a WBS survey to see which WG participants are interested in which tasks. The survey makes this wiki topic obsolete in some ways, but perhaps not in others.

  • tutorials - Debi Orton (whatever's needed, and I have joined the group)
    • a tutorial about the whole language (or the parts that 80% need to know about) - Brad Fults (joined)
    • tutorials on new features, or groups of new features
    • tutorials for specific audiences, such as government web site developers
    • tutorials aimed at the mobile platform
  • a quick-reference card Henrik Dvergsdal
  • course materials
  • a periodic survey of the top 200 web sites Sean Fraser. Zdenko
    • e.g. Alexa top 500
    • do they conform to the current draft?
      • are the ways they don't conform captured in an issues list?
  • which features do they use?
    • are they mobile-happy, WAI-happy?
  • security review, risk analysis
  • HtmlTestMaterials, test results
    • test case development guidelines
    • automated test results
    • manual test results, by browser BillMason
    • I'd love to contribute test cases, especially for APIs, but I don't think I would have the time to be a test suite editor. -- Maciej
  • checking tool prototyping/development (a la the markup validator)

Noodling on ways to review the HTML 5/WF2 spec text:

  • the obvious/naive approach: breadth-first, section-by-section, a la "any issues with section 1? ok, ... on to section 2..." Just raising issues, not discussing/resolving them.
  • going in depth on one or more sections/topics:
    • parsing/tree-generation
    • forms
    • canvas
    • sections, lists, tables
    • Writing HTML documents (8.1.)