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demo for end of march, NY June, etc.

take real data out of facebook/google open social... via XSLT to foaf then merge and query... for bonus points, mix in rules and powder to get out XG.

Using GRDDL to ground OpenID in URI space if you trust wikipedia you can trust my homepage

OASIS Call for Participation: Open Reputation Management Systems (ORMS) TC

Slides: [1]

Critical Path

  1. Finalize VCard and FOAF-VCard mappings
  2. Get XFN to map to FOAF via XSLT
  3. Create XSLT to map from openSocial API output to FOAF
  4. Create XSLT to map from FBXML to FOAF
  5. Then create SPARQL Query to manage profiles with some nice examples
  6. See if POWDER can be used somehow to protect privacy. Use n3 rules or RIF if needs be.


FOAF Evolution: [2]

Using POWDER (sort of): [3]

filtering... powder... rules... PalmAgent -- synchronizing data in my palm with the rest of the Web

VCard: [4]

VCard Draft Mappings to FOAF (Need hCard subset identified):

Tom Morris also has a FOAF-centric solution. It seems the main missing component is the mapping from hCard/XFN and then GRDDL to FOAF and vCard. I say we do that on Friday [5] the 25th.

The microformat people are also nooding on this at [6].

OpenSocial Going OpenSource via Shindig. Minus Facebook, this might well just become the defacto standard. We need to do a comparison of what precisely opensocial provides you and what FOAF-centric solutions provide you. [7]

SG API is different from OpenSocial. Brad Fitzpatrick is now playing with FOAF and XFN: [8]

These people are aiming for a practical solution for WordPress, let's put FOAF on their radar. Code: [9] Wiki: [10]

Combine with SPARQLPress: [11]

Wouldn't it be neat to go to your OpenID and then actually use that HTTP to get more data - i.e. a linked data of OpenID? Could the W3C SemWeb Activity open a SemWeb-enabled OpenID server :) [12] is a waste of a good URI.

The DataPortability Project > Technical Action Group > Implementation Patterns Details of DataPortability in the wild. [13]