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LEAD -- Live Early Adoption and Demonstration (kinda like eating your own PPR:DogFood) is essential for emerging technologies and important part of the W3C Semantic Web Activity. There are not only a few advanced development efforts in the W3C team and SWAD-Europe, but other similar groups like mindswap and the DAML project at Olin.

We use the software we develop in SemanticWeb advanced development:

and on a smaller scale,


We're doing research and development; we get research funding organizations to support us in transitioning more basic research into industry practice via open standards.

Something of a development process is emerging... something between pure DontWorryBeCrappy and pure PPR:ExtremeProgramming ... we take tasks we proposed to the funders or issues from working groups etc. and refine them into chunks of work that we can see completing in the event horizon, which is a couple weeks to a couple months. We subscribe to Code the Unit Test First and we use a variant of PPR:PairProgramming where the pair isn't necessarily sharing a keyboard, but more often an InternetRelayChat connection, a phone line, or at least email. When the pair agree that the tests are running, they claim victory in a small group setting and then announce their work to a public mailing list (often www-rdf-interest).