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Manually copying and pasting travel itineraries into PDAs is a symptom of the PersonalInformationDisaster.

DanConnolly has used this as motivation for RdfCalendar and some work on GeoInfo, with some work on UML and RDF along the way.

see travel tools, DanConnolly, in progress.

PathCross is a goal/usecase/scenario.

junk from schedScrape.xsl:

  <!-- see hmm... how about not just labels, but lat/long, city codes,
country codes, etc.
a list of city codes:

                  Friday, 28-Feb-97 21:41:03 GMT
more... Mar 2002...

historical: IRC interview by CMN Jun 12 2002

hmm... migrate the content here? the ProxyTopic dilemma.

ndw to W3C Technical Plenary, 28 Feb-14 Mar 2004