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Quick demo of zakim and RRSAgent, for discussion in InternetRelayChat...

---	You're inviting RRSAgent to #dandemo (
[16:49] 	---	danbri invited RRSAgent into channel #dandemo.
[16:49] 	-->	RRSAgent (rrs-loggee@ has joined #dandemo
[16:49] 	*	RRSAgent is logging to
[16:49] 	<danbri>	action: danbri demo zakim phone bridge
[16:49] 	*	RRSAgent records action 1
[16:49] 	<danbri>	zakim, room for 2?
[16:49] 	<Zakim>	ok, danbri; conference Team_(dandemo)07:49Z scheduled with code 83262 (TEAM2) for 60 minutes until 0849Z
[16:49] 	<danbri>	zakim, call danbri-mobile
[16:49] 	<Zakim>	ok, danbri; the call is being made
[16:49] 	<Zakim>	Team_(dandemo)07:49Z has now started
[16:49] 	<Zakim>	+Danbri
[16:49] 	<danbri>	action: danbri stop wasting telephone resources
[16:49] 	*	RRSAgent records action 2
[16:50] 	<danbri>	agenda+ talk about phones and chat
[16:50] 	*	Zakim notes agendum 1 added
[16:50] 	<Zakim>	-Danbri
[16:50] 	<Zakim>	Team_(dandemo)07:49Z has ended
[16:50] 	<Zakim>	Attendees were Danbri
[16:50] 	<danbri>	[disconnected by my voicemail]
[16:50] 	<danbri>	zakim, part
[16:50] 	<--	Zakim (rrs-bridgg@ has left #dandemo
[16:50] 	<danbri>	rrsagent, part
[16:50] 	<RRSAgent>	I see 2 open action items:
[16:50] 	<RRSAgent>	ACTION: danbri demo zakim phone bridge [1]
[16:50] 	<RRSAgent>	  recorded in
[16:50] 	<RRSAgent>	ACTION: danbri stop wasting telephone resources [2]
[16:50] 	<RRSAgent>	  recorded in
[16:50] 	<--	RRSAgent (rrs-loggee@ has left #dandemo

was an IslandTopic until AdvancedDevelopment grew a link; seems like there should be a better path from FrontPage... it'srelevant in much the way that InternetRelayChat, ConnectingAudiences, and InstantGig are... sort of community patterns or collaboration patterns or something... hmm...