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To start a new page, make a link from an existing page.

On of the things AboutThisService is that this policy isn't enforced by the software; you can create pages without connecting them to the rest, i.e. an IslandTopic. But please don't do that. IslandTopic is an Wiki:AntiPattern.

See OrphanedPages for automatic roundup of unlinked content. If you're not sure where to link something from, perhaps link it at least from the entry that describes you. Incoming links from the wider Web (including other Wikis) are also important; the RdfInterestGroup irc/weblog scratchpad can be a good place to share Semantic Web-related links.

What if I'm still writing the page?

  • what motivated you to write the page in the first place? Surely that motivation is related to one of the existing topics. Start there.
  • remember when all web pages had 'under construction' disclaimers? we take that for granted now. Once you hit 'save' and leave the doc (overnight, say), its worth making sure your work-in-progress is linked in. After all, folks will find it anyways (via RecentChanges etc) so please don't leave it in a state where it'll mislead or confuse...

See also: OnlyMakeInterestingPages , Wiki:WikiSquatting.

I disagree strongly, and I consider myself an experienced wiki user. I'm tempted to delete this page.

For all the talk of the "Wiki:WikiWay," there is no one WikiProcess, universally accepted by skilled wiki people. There's no one universal Wiki either. There are lots of wikis for lots of communities. This community is trying to keep an integrated corpus.

I happen to believe that IslandTopics, while not something intrinsicly good, aren't necessarily bad either. It's good to encourage the construction of integrated pages, but it's not law.

FindPage is a perfectly valid way to find pages.

If you see a page that can be integrated into the corpus, integrate it into the corpus.

-- LionKimbro DateTime(2004-06-17T15:14:20)