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Interested in wiki, RDF, FOAF, all sorts of stuff.

Work on this wiki

I believe strongly in CommunityWiki:WikiAsYouLearn and in the value of CommunityWiki:PlainTalk. I come from the CommunityWiki school of wiki thought.

I like to go into #rdfig, ask questions, and document what I learn here.

In this way, I have written: NodeId, RDFS, SemanticWebCerealBox, RdfReification, Ontaria, ChumpBot, IsaViz, GraphStyleSheet, ClassIsTypeProperty, NetworkedData.

I've reworked RDF, and a few others.

Public Domain Declaration

Everything I write and draw, I put into the Public Domain. I invite you to use it however you can, however you like.

If there's anything that's just a big fat collection of links, I didn't write that. So, don't copy that. If there are big chunks of solid understandable explanation, then it's plausible that I wrote it. Check the version history, don't worry so much, and copy what you think I probably wrote.

You could also go into #rdfig, and just ask me there; My nick is "lion."

W3C in plain English

Do you mind if I add your name to the bits of the discussion you wrote for the page "W3C in plain English"? guest