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The #rdfig IRC channel has a "chump bot" that posts notes to the SemanticWebInterestGroup scratch pad.

You can read the full user manual, but here's a quick reference:

  • Put a link alone on a line to add a link. (You'll get back a letter.)
  • Write something like: A:| - home of all things fooish - to title a link.
  • Write something like: A: This is my comment - attach a comment.
  • You can add links inline to comments like this: A:They also have [another site|]
  • Images!... A:+[]
  • ...with ALT tags: A:+[This is the alt text|]
  • To recall previous URL's: dc_rdfig:view 2 - recalls last two URLs.
  • Live help: dc:help and dc:morehelp

If you mistakenly put the wrong link, or accidentally link, you can't delete it, but you can overwrite it:

  • A:=http://blahblah/ to overwrite
  • A1: new text to replace comment lines

I tried using dc: but it didn't work. Someone used dc_rdfig: and it did. This may apply to every instance of dc: in the above help. -- LionKimbro DateTime(2004-07-10T20:06:19)