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There is a Wiki ethic to have all the pages be of general interest to the community of users. This is a somewhat fuzzy concept (espcially on a new Wiki like this one), but even if you know where the line is, why should you follow it?

Some reasons:

 versions of it, but ...  then we'd lose the sense of
 community, of knowing vaguely what everone is up to.
  • To make the Wiki easier to learn from, contributors
 should work hard to integrate their knowledge into the
 existing knowledge, rather than just toss in an IslandTopic.
 This is hard work.

What if you don't want to do the hard work? What if you don't know if your page will be interesting? What if you only have a germ of an idea?

Maybe it's still good to make the page. *shrug* Maybe LinkMe tags help? One could have a RefactorMe tag, but that's understood to always be there on all pages.  :-)

Some background reading: from PPR:WikiSquatting :

"I think the way to detect Wiki Squatting is this: if you feel like the page is not 'yours' then the page is a wiki squatter. A wiki squatter puts something on wiki and calls it 'his'. For example, you feel very strange editing the diary page because it seems very personal. It's rude to put a page up on wiki that is only for the use of an individual or a 'community'. Every page on wiki is for everybody!"

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