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The W3C SemanticWeb advanced development project has been working on Annotea framework to implement both shared annotations and shared bookmarks based on RDF metadata.

Annotea bookmarks provide the usual functions associated with browser bookmarks and in addition will let users add other RDF properties to bookmarks, share bookmarks with other users, share bookmarks between browsers, and query the bookmark data in new ways not supported by current bookmark systems. Any document with a URI can be bookmarked, also annotations.

Shared bookmarks can be assigned to topics so that they can be presented under different categories according to these topics. Topics are described using RDF properties and may be arranged in strict hierarchies or in more complex graphs according to the users' needs. Users share bookmarks by accessing a common RDF data store and referring to common URIs for the names of their topics.

I'd like a bookmarklet that I could use from galeon to contribute shared annotations and to look them up. I thought I saw one, but I don't remember if it works. Clues? -- DanConnolly