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The SWAD-Europe project ran from May 2002 to October 2004, and aimed to support W3C's Semantic Web initiative in Europe, providing targeted research, demonstrations and outreach to ensure Semantic Web technologies move into the mainstream of networked computing. The project factsheet and objectives are available, and an overview of the project written for ERCIM news in September 2004.


The workplan of the project and All reports from the project are now available.

Project Team

SWAD-Europe was an EU-funded project, part of the Information Society Technologies (IST-7) programme. The project was designed to support W3C's Semantic Web Activity through research, demonstrators and outreach efforts conducted by the five project partners. The project consortium consisted of ERCIM (for W3C), ILRT (University of Bristol), HP Labs, RAL/CCLRC, and Stilo. The workplan comprised 15 workpackages combining research, demonstrators, outreach materials, software and services totaling 332 person months over 2.5 years, beginning May 2002 and ending October 2004. Project coordination was shared between ILRT (administration and project management) and W3C/ERCIM (content and overall direction).

SWAD-Europe supported the work of 2-3 members of the European W3C Semantic Web team (via ERCIM in France), connecting SWAD-Europe to other W3C Semantic Web development projects and the wider work of the W3C team. While the project workplan focussed largely on supporting W3C's Semantic Web Activity, the project was a collaborative effort, drawing on existing XML and RDF expertise at each of the five partners.