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Large Scale Discovery Demonstrator

This demonstrator is designed to show a feature developed during SWADE which was found to be of key importance when dealing with discovery and presentation of large scale RDF data - tracking where the data was from, or provenance and enabling displaying that.

The key outputs of this work are:

All data, software and documents were developed using open technical standards and open source.

Key goals of the demonstrator include:

The provenance tracking issue, or contexts, was found to be important after the related Developer Workshop Report 4 - Workshop on Semantic Web Storage and Retrieval held in November 2003, Amsterdam by which several of the participants were already considering the issues with large data, and large aggregated data, leading to needing to provide ways to manage them.

A model was developed for Redland to provide a more general approach as it was not clear what the correct approach was that satisfied similar but not identical use cases for tracking.

Semantic web features demonstrated

The demonstrator illustrates the use of Redland Contexts to track data from several thousand different RDF data sources so that when information in the aggregated graph appears, the transaction that provided it can always be found - the provenance.

This demonstrator primarily shows the semantic web components: distributed data + provenance + webness.