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SWAD-Europe Reports

The SWAD-Europe workplan describes the reports delivered during the lifecycle of the project. This page provides an index to these SWAD-Europe reports.

The reports are organised in directories named after the formal deliverable name, to allow cross-referencing with the workplan and other materials. The reports directories can also be browsed directly (html, pdf).


Workpackage 1: Project Management

Workpackage 2: Technical and Scientific Coordination of Research and Demonstrations

Workpackage 3: Dissemination and Exploitation

Additional reports

Additional requested reports

Workpackage 4: Semantic Web and Web Services

Workpackage 5: Integration with XML Technology

Workpackage 6: XML and Semantic Web Integration research prototypes

Additional reports

Workpackage 7: Databases, Query, API, Interfaces

Workpackage 8 (see SWAD-Europe Thesaurus Activity page)

Workpackage 9: Visualisation and Accessibility

Workpackage 10: Tools for Semantic Web Scalability and Storage

Workpackage 11: Distributed trust systems. See Trust website.

Workpackage 12.1: Open demonstrators

Workpackage 12.2: Annotations demonstrator

Workpackage 12.3 Visualisation demonstrator

Workpackage 12.4: Large Scale Resource Discovery and Presentation Demonstrator

See reports/ directory for other documents.

Project Workplan

SWAD-Europe is structured into 15 workpackages. The focus is on supporting practical near-term applications of the Semantic Web, and on providing an account of how Semantic Web relates and complements other areas of W3C activity. More information is available from each of the workpackage description pages linked here.