Workpackage description: 4: Semantic Web and Web Services

Workpackage number: 4

Start date or starting event: Month 1

Lead Partner: W3C-ERCIM (2)

Participant short name: ILRT W3C-ERCIM CCLRC HP STILO
Participant number: 1 2 3 4 5
Person-months per participant: 6 15 3 0 0

Total number of deliverables: 2


Articulate with working examples the relationship between Semantic Web technologies and Web Service technologies such as SOAP and WSDL.

Description of Work

The Semantic Web and Web Services are two perspectives on the future of Web automation. It is critical for the success and deployment of Semantic Web technologies for there to be a common understanding of the relationship between the Semantic Web and Web Services technologies such as SOAP and WSDL. This work will include but not be limited to: common models for data serialization, namespace mixing and service discovery and description. The work carried out in this package will draw on technical direction effort allocated in WP2 (architectural and technical coordination) to ensure consistency within the project and with external efforts such as those at W3C.

Findings will be reported to the relevant W3C Interest, Working and Coordination groups (e.g. Semantic Web Coordination Group, Web Services Coordination Group, XML Coordination Group), as well as to the wider XML and RDF developer community.