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I come through here about twice a day except holidays and delete spam. I have a circuit of about five wikis I check regularly (some newer wikis have very good anti-spam software so less regularly there). I am on UK time so I tend to be first in mornings. Spam annoys me; it is so selfish.

I tend to do more gardening and refactoring partly because as a bear of little brain by the time I've understood a page in my terms I can often make it simpler. I like the Wiki way. But I am also an ok pedantic mathematician and amateur programmer and find Semantics as a whole area interesting (not the biological bits though).

Andrew Cates (that's me) is mainly around at MeatBall:AndrewCates but I am best contacted by making an email from my first name and the name of my homepage You'll hit a simple spam filter but any non-robot can master it. My home page has a book I wrote to my godson on why I am religious (non-fundamentalist Christian).

My day job is currently for this children charity which cares for aids kids, street kids and other orphans by giving them mothers.

My latest venture is an archive of 1850s Punch Cartoons here.



many thanks for the dilligent de-spamming. dc

Pleasure :o) ac