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RefactorMe ! use instead. PPR:ListMode is an PPR:AntiPattern.

  • Document storage, anotation, & translation - use XML-RDF-OWL to bounce document structures between (Imagine taking an OpenOffice file, converting it to a .doc file, and vice versa.) - attach Accessibility information to a document in parallel
  • Dependency graphing - so, Debian dependency tracking could be a lot smarter
  • FriendOfaFriend (FOAF)

RdfCalendar :


SelfDescribingWeb - contains some sketches

RDF Query and Rule languages Use Cases and Examples survey


Geo :

SWAD-E Workshop Report 3

- Search for a cheap hotel and tell about horse riding and canoeing activities within couple of miles. See if any of these is bookmarked by my friends in our shared bookmark server. - Show the places that I should visit based on my location and the shared bookmarks under topic: great places to visit. - Find the locations of the nearest spare parts for a paper specific machine in a factory (maybe also look for the DHL etc. database for which ones will be fastest to deliver and the shared bookmark listing the places most trusted by my work mates).

(from marja on rdf-interest)

Misc rough ideas :