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How do the use-cases we're exploring for the SemanticWeb overlap and inter-relate?

For example, consider the OpeningHoursUseCase applied to a restaurant, eg. for RestaurantRecommendation; we want some GeoInfo to describe the location of a restaurant, an RdfCalendar description of when it is open, perhaps ImageDescription to tell us what it looks like...

Photos, people, restaurants, locations, events... Resources of various kinds occur throughout our usage scenarios. They typically are associated with one or more RDF vocabularies (ontologies), and are described in information scattered across various data sources, both document-based (text formats) and database oriented ('web services'?).

Can we build an integrated scenario that hooks together independently explored use cases? Can these give rise to practically-motivated RDFQueryTestCases? Show query of aggregated data using RDF query and APIs? Merging of data sources: RDF/XML, non-RDF XML, RDF triple stores, non-RDF SQL stores... Can we show some "Semantic Web" value added by the common RDF data model, over and above what we might gain from using plain XML data formats and techniques?

Relationship to Workshops

We have held SWAD-E workshops on imaging and on calendar, separately, and have a number of additional workshops scheduled through 2003/4. To connect these up, we are looking at having a 'VirtualWorkshop' in the RDF Interest Group ScheduledTopicChat tradition, combining our series of scheduled chats into a bigger picture. The existing meetings on Calendar, and Query have prompted interest in additional scheduled meetings amongst RDF and Semantic Web developers: on GeoInfo, on ImageDescription, and on ServiceDescription. The goal of a SWAD-Europe 'virtual workshop' would be to facilitate such meetings and to draw out common themes to illustrate the value of the Semantic Web / RDF approach. This would be reported on for end of April 2003, but would hopefully establish a framework for continued meetings and links between SWAD-Europe and the RdfIG, as well as with other Semantic Web projects.

Other Scenarios

  • images (Bristol Biomedical Image Archive) and thesaurus (MeSH/UMLS)
  • thesaurus and weblogs
  • harvesting (RSS, FOAF etc) and storage; and thesaurus
  • image description and accessibility (and ontology / rdf query, class hierarchies)
  • purchase orders (used in both RDF/SQL mapping from EricP; schema annotation scenario)

--DanBri for SWAD-Europe discussions