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In SWAD-Europe we would like to explore the notion of a 'virtual' workshop, to accompany the real-world physical workshops we have hosted on topics like RdfCalendar and Image accessibility.

The efforts that Libby, DanBri, Charles and others from the project are putting into the ScheduledTopicChat IRC seesions are part of this exploration. We want to build bridges between the RdfIG and research projects such as SWAD-MIT and SWAD-Europe.

To this end, one idea is for SWAD-Europe to build up an ongoing 'Virtual Workshop' by supporting a series of parallel topic-specific IRC (and perhaps telephone) developer chats.


Possible topics for planned RDFIG/SWAD-E ScheduledTopicChat sessions include...

First cut at a page. Need to gather schedule for existing chats / upcoming meetings. --DanBri