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If everything is a resource, then services are resources. It seems natural to apply the Resource Description Framework to the job of describing services.

cf WSDL on the Semantic Web presented May 2002 by Bijan Parsia to the Web Services Description Working Group.

hmm... critical mass for ScheduledTopicChat in the RdfIG?

JimH/Bijan will take the ball on getting this going. DanBri will do W3C team contact thing as RdfIG chair

 announcements will be made on www-ws and rdf-ig, where else?

Flipside of ServiceDescription: a SemanticWebService

Using semantics to compose Web Services is offered as use case for the Web Services Choreography Working Group in this email by Jim Hendler.

related work (moving from SelfDescribingWeb)

@@ what is the relationship with DAML-S?

@@ an old (simple) strawman for describing services in RDF :

Finding WSDL Files

A quick Ruby script that DanBri wrote:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
#Fetch a bunch of WSDL documents
disco ='default.disco').read
disco.each do |serv|
  serv =~ /ref='([^']+)'/i
  puts `wget #{wsdl_url}`