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RDF may be useful for describing documents, but it will become invaluable for describing images. There are some ImageDescriptionRdfExamples showing how people have described aspects of images in RDF in various ways.

Recent News

May 12, 2008

The proposed W3C Video Activity encompasses a Working Group which might be chartered to work on this topic (including image metadata and an API to access the metadata)

An incubator on Media metadata and annotations has published the result of its work.


There has not been set a date for the next meeting, but it is agreed it should be soon.

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ImageDescriptionList describes a possible W3C-hosted mailing list for this topic.

GregElin has posted a few thoughts to his Reminder of IRC-based conversations and demos:

Already happened:

Sign up here if you'd be interested.

(there's lots of interest in this but we've missed the June date - any other suggestion? - start of August 2003?)

RDF, SVG and Imagemaps

imagemap2svg experiment, where Charles, Max and DanBri try to freeload off deployed HTML imagemap technology to create SVG overlays for bitmap images.

A digital image depicting four people can be marked up as an HTML imagemap; in this case we associated mailto: URIs with each region that depicts a person. Then imagemap2svg.xslt converts this to an SVG image, also available as a PNG. In addition, imagemap2meta.rb, a Ruby program that (hack)parses HTML imagemaps (at least those generated by The Gimp), so they could be represented in RDF and/or SVG. A a bit more of this is written up as 'codepiction in SVG'.

The MINDSWAP group at the Univ of Md has been doing some work to generalize some of the work started by Foaf above. Our Smore project (which includes a demo that runs under webstart) includes a photo markup that uses SVG overlays as well. Here is an example:

MarkedUpOrangutan.jpg Full size image

MasahideKanzaki has written an javascript image annotator which allows you to annotate parts of an image. He also displays RDF about images using XSLT/CSS.

Images and RSS

EXIF/other RDF stuff

Other misc:

An RDF Photo-annotating bot

Matt Biddulph has done a significant amount of work on an RDF photo-annotating tool for his weblog. The inital background for his project can be found here, and here are the slides from his talk at XMLEurope

integrate more stuff from [ discussion 24Apr]


Fotonotes(TM) proposes a simple interface and data framework for managing images as a plurality of objects and to make the depicted objects and related stories addressable content independent of the original image.

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