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W3C hosts a number of mailing lists to support discussion amongst developers and users. A number of these fora are associated with the W3C's Interest Group for RDF and Semantic Web technology. This is an outline of a potential new list devoted to the topic of ImageDescription. First draft was by DanBri, RDF IG chair.

A proposal for a W3C mailing list on Image Description

Context: photo and image description have proved a popular topic for collaboration and discussion amongst RDF and Semantic Web developers. A number of email threads (on www-rdf-interest and elsewhere), scheduled topical IRC chats (see ImageDescription for details) and face to face discussions (for example) have demonstrated the existence of a interest, expertise, code and data relating to image description. Just as the www-rdf-calendar RDF IG forum for discussion of RDF and calendaring has provided a base for ongoing collaboration on RDF and Calendaring, this document proposes a mailing list on the application of RDF and OWL technology to image description, with particular focus on photo metadata and practical tools and demos.

To keep discussions focussed, the list is initially proposed as a home for three particular ongoing collaborations that have involved RDF IG members.

The WWW2004 photo project is working to a tight timescale, but has significant overlap with other ongoing Semantic Web collaborations and SeedApplications, relating not only to photo metadata but also to event description (RDF iCalendar,etc .), as well as more detailed description of events such as conferences, conference papers (Dublin Core etc), locations (e.g GEO, RDF Map), people (e.g. FOAF, VCard), Copyright (Creative Commons), and potentially other new vocabularies. The intent is to use this list as a home for the WWW2004 collaboration plus threads relating to using and combining other image-related RDF namespaces listed on this page for image description, since those vocabularies will likely find use in the project, and since separate mailing lists for each such collaboration would be counter-productive.