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WWW2004 will be held in New York City in May. Efforts are moving forward on creating a Semantic-Photo History of the IW3C2 Conferences and adding to that archive in real-time the WWW2004.

A web site has been created at [1] explaining the project. The project has a core collection of images located at the default repository [2] (alpha version). It is hoped the project will eventually expand to be a fully-distributed virtual collection using the semantic-web to keep it woven together.

To support the conference there is now a WWW2004 Community Coverage site including a chump bot with an RSS 1.0 feed driven from IRC and IRC logging, available for the conference period. Run by DaveBeckett and EddDumbill.

There are also a number of related wiki pages on this site:

  • W3PhotoVocabs links to the vocabulary discussions and puts forth the proposed required properties and classes for annotated images
  • ImageDescriptionRdfExamples provides specific examples of proposed RDF for images
  • W3PhotoSpec outlines the initial specification on the alpha version of the respository
  • W3PhotoBugs tracks the QA testing of the default repository
  • ImageDescription is general info page and collection of links on image description and annotation

See also: ConnectingAudiences. d

Rough Ideas

  • Compare to WWW2003 community coverage
  • discussion on 2003-11-03
  • make a chump, irc, blog, photoblog
  • describe people, locations, things, photos, movies, audio files
  • link historical info - early computers, experiments
  • trying not to make it all too fragile; semweb tech to make that happen:
    • foaf for people
    • rss 1.0 for feeds, and
    • other vocabs for photos, geo
  • harvest the bits up and present them in different ways - photo view, news view
  • geo-location view:
    • integration of RDF-cal, WMS maps of registered users, rooms and so on like for www2003 in budapest or similars
    • WMS maps of users, developers, companies as RDF or Web layers, well do one for the FoaF Attendee attendee list when there are some names to show (this is what we are thinking off (showing the apache committers)).

Interested People

People interested in getting involved, please add your name here - or even better - add it to this FoaF Attendee list.

GregElin - on the ground in New York City and interested in incorporating http://www.fotonotes.net to make annotating images easy.

Dave Beckett - helped out with the WWW2003 community coverage and irc last year.

Alberto Reggiori, Dirk Willem van Gulik - http://www.asemantics.com

Paul Cowles - http://www.semaview.com - will publish conference calendar with Sherpa (RDF output) and attendees may subscribe (ala iCal) to the published RDF schedule for free (tool is free to consume cals). Others may extend the RDF to include GEO, FOAF etc.

Bryce Benton - can help with php/mysql and front-end interfaces. Also usability/accessibility optimizations.

WWW conference photo archive

A project to gather together photos from various WWW conferences and annotate them with depiction data.

Meetings and actions

Mailing lists:

Temporary list - archives at http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-archive/

<GregElin> type "subscribe" in an email to semantic-photolist-request@unitboy.com <GregElin> or send me an email at greg@fotonotes.net

Proposed new W3C-hosted list for Image Description - ImageDescriptionList

Actions from 2004-01-13:

  • action: bryce is working with GregElin on the website.
  • action danbri look into findin out if we can get the conference schedules, via Iw3c2/Janet Daley

danbri: I've sent mail to the iw3c2 contact address, will let you know if I get any answer. I expecte we will have to trawl previous conf websites by hand though.libby did this last year, if useful

  • action item: libby, mc and GregElin are working on the ui for fotonotes for one by one submission of photo
  • action libby mail list suggesting meet later this week re ontologies/vocabs issues
  • action libby summarise today's discussion re privacy and copyright to the list done - see thread


notes about WWW2004 conference photo archive

Nick's 4 main areas of work:

  1. ontology for annotation and metadata
  2. infrastructure (scutters, rdf stores, etc)
  3. annotation tools and
  4. publication tools (searching, browsing, exploring, etc)

Some ideas from libby - feel free to edit/expand:

  • deciding the sorts of information we are interested in, and documenting how to do this (for tool developers and perhaps early users)
  • creating some means for creators to tell us about their images and metadata (could be as simple as the foaf bulletin board)
  • creating or adapting existing tools (like foaf-a-matic, for example), which just generate the RDF metadata, but don't upload it --CMN: I have been pondering the idea of using Annotea to annotate an email address as a way of uploading FOAF data.
  • adapting and using tools to harvest, store and query RDF (including provenance tracking, deleting)
  • creating generic uploading and editing RDF document facilities withaccess control for the images and metadata (e.g. something like ILRT interests database)
  • designing the user interface for browsing and searching the photos


  • the user should be able to point at the same instances of (say) Libby Miller that other people have referred to when annotating a photo, so that the data all joins up - tricky
  • think of a CC license for the photos (libby talk to Aaron?)
  • investigate legal issues? privacy? removing photos on request?
  • how open should it be?
  • where should the photos and RDF be kept?
  • what sort of pictures are we interested in? small or large group pictures, informal/formal, individuals?
  • what things do we want to describe?
    • (Greg)
      • creator of photo
      • location of photo
      • date of photo
  • (nick)
    • DC for photo, papers
    • depictions of things in the photo
    • other things about people
  • (libby)
    • location, event (incl date) photos taken at
    • description of photo
    • depictions - mostly people, id'd by hashed email
    • annotator, date annotated
    • creator
    • CC info
  • What about some innovative methods of encouraging users to contribute photos and metadata?
    • " espgame.org out of Carnegie Mellon University is an inspiration.
    • Statistics could be interesting
      • Person depicted most times
      • Person depicted with most number of different individuals
      • Person who uploads/annotates most photos
        • Maybe some kind of prize, or at least some recognition -- might encourage friendly competition