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This page tracks bugs in the default W3Photo Repository. Ideally, we are accomplishing everything outlined in the W3PhotoSpec.

3/4/2004 IRC Agenda Reminder of W3Photo IRC Chat ... location: irc.freenode.net channel: #foaf (#rdfig is busy today)

2 PART MEETING 15:00 - 16:00 GMT: Continue the discussion of image vocab and see if we can resolve any open issues. Within this hour I also wanted to discuss the W3Photo.org site.

16:00 - 17:00 GMT: Integrating our new capability of annotating photos with the W3 conferences and conference materials.

The agenda is loose for both parts of the chat. Here's a hoped-for agenda.

  • 15:00 - greetings and general questions
  • 15:10 - show-n-tell of posted vocabs; what's online
  • 15:20 - discuss http://www.bnowack.de/w3photo/pages/image_doc_rdfsowl
  • 15:40 - discuss w3photo.org website, w3photo.org/photos repository
  • - changes needed to explanatory site
  • - prioritize bug fixes, other changes to repository
  • - action items, summarize

16:00 - greetings, summarize first half for people just joining this section

  • 16:10 - Update from Southampton
  • 16:20 - Update from Mindswap
  • 16:30 - Discuss Event Vocab issues
  • 16:45 - Begin wrapping up

Notes on 2/26/2004 IRC: [1]

  • Greg describes status of Repository
  • People uploaded a few images to [2]
  • Discussed UI bugs, needs
  • Discussed RDF
  • Bengee will do a bit of work to help finalize image vocab
  • Libby will check with Dan regarding name space
  • Bengee and Bryce volunteered to assist with some of PHP
  • Greg will write up notes and try to clean a few things up
  • Discussion but no decision on friendly UI for identifying (See below)
  • Identify action items.
  • check login is testing password
  • need to label fields for dc:title dc:description
  • UI for identifying people.

User Interface and General Bugs

  • Javascript: there is a missing "," in resizeWin's argument list
  • Annotations: in edit mode, rolling over the Nth cut-out (next to the image) highlights the (N-1)th region, e.g in [1].
  • Annotations: right-clicking on the image opens an annotation popup
  • Annotations: a not-logged-in user can delete annotations
  • Annotations: popup fields need to be clearer greg - name/label isn't informative enough
  • Annotations: Add label title and caption boxes on edit page
  • Annotations: <bengee> not sure if the various "toggleX" options are too many? is a little bit flickering (right word?) in my browser..
  • Annotations: where would one annotate the time/room number of the image?
  • Annotations: is there a sort of 'you're finished!' page? ... It would be good to empower users with at least a "flag for review" mechanism.
  • Annotations: bengee would like a "back to album/directory" link
  • Annotations: an extra box or two to identify people
  • www2003: aktive space is spelt wrong, e.g. [3] --Libby
  • Registration page: needs link to CC license
  • Registration page: needs to ask for home page
  • Registration page: could maybe be designed nicer, be more explanatory, ask for best email address for identity
  • RDF Interface: need to get date for each photo
  • RDF Interface: should RDF be editable manually?
  • w3photo.org/photos: Need to make link to registration/login clearer
  • General: clean up XHTML

RDF and Semantic Web Bugs

  • As of 2/24 RDF generations from Fotonotes XML is still being worked on
  • we need a place for Image Vocab - danbri has offered to put a holding page on w3c site for it - currently the ns is http://www.w3.org/2004/02/image#
  • Final resolution of some image vocab items

Ideas for UI for Identifying People

Still having lots of discussion regarding the UI to make it easy to identify people. How do make it easy for people to indicate who a person is? Drop down list? Downloaded selections? Does a person enter "Tim" then get a list of "Tim's" to pick from based on registrations? Can a registered user create their own drop down list?

It's Not a Bug, It's a Feature...Or Should Be...

  • Should the images open in a popup window or the same window?
  • user profiles/preferences would be useful --GregElin
  • it would be great to have some admin tools: whose logged in, stats, etc. maybe a comment form? -- Greg
  • Annotations: Keep a count of how many annotations a person has made?
  • how do we monitor abuse of annotations? maybe we can "turn off" annotations by abusers? what if this turning off mechanism is itself abused?